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“They opened an English School in rural Kyushu and enjoy touring around the island on their tandem motorbike.”

I'm is Sheila Ryan Hara, an American married to a Japanese and currently living in Karatsu, Fukuoka. Together we operate an English school called the Seattle English School, named after my hometown of Seattle. Karatsu is located about 90 minutes by train west of Fukuoka International Airport. This allows me, who does not drive, to travel to and from Fukuoka for work and social events.

People ask me where Karatsu is, and I explain that it's 90 minutes on a slow train west of Fukuoka International Airport! We actually live in a condo on that train line, which makes it convenient for me, a non-driver, to go into the city for occasional work or socializing.

What are your activities of enjoyment?

We enjoy touring beautiful Kyushu on our 1100cc Yamaha tandem motorbike. My husband and I are also training for our first half marathon (for him) and 3km run (for me) next January. After a walk or run, we love to soak in "onsen" hot springs. I am also a longterm member and current District Representative for AFWJ, the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese.

So, what was the catalyst that brought you to Workshift?

Well, my memory is a bit fuzzy in this area, but last June I was looking for new online work opportunities in which I could control the timing, volume and payment. I have experience with Japanese to English translation and proofreading as well as English audio recording for local tourism.

I found Workshift online and made contact with one of their staff, Alan Acosta. He's been very helpful in getting me accustomed to this new style of working, so I'd like to thank him for all his support during the first months!

What advice can you impart to others about Workshift?

Just give it a try, and once you have completed a job or two, enjoy the ease and convenience of working with this system. First, make sure you have a verified ID. That will ensure clients feel confident in who you are and what you can do. Posting your resume or CV, as well as a portfolio, if you’re an artist, will also attract clients. A photo is highly recommended, too.

What about payment?

This is where Workshift Solutions really works for me! As a freelancer in a small town, my work opportunities are mostly remote. If you have ever done remote freelance work, you know that the greatest challenge can be receiving payment on time. NO WORRIES HERE! In my limited experience with this style of work, I have always been paid EXACTLY what I expect, and RIGHT ON TIME! That removes so much of the worry involved for me that I really don't mind the small service fee Workshift takes for the jobs I accept.

The escrow system ensures that clients have prepaid for the work they are asking for. I've done 9 jobs in less than 3 months and have had nothing but positive outcomes with all the clients who have accepted my bids.

What are your plans for the future?

I am so excited about the unlimited possibilities presented by Workshift! I may relocate sometime in the next year, but I will always be in touch with Workshift since this global platform enables clients to connect with freelancers anywhere.

I'm so glad I can make use of the skills I have acquired in Japan, as well as develop new ones, through this system. I encourage any freelancer to sign up, try it out, and enjoy the new opportunities that come to you! Alan and all the Workshift staff are here to help you grow your clientele! To sum up, Workshift works well for me because it fits in with my busy schedule, allowing me to work as much as I can handle, and with its prompt payment plan, I know exactly what to expect. I will keep working with Workshift as long as I can! Thank you!