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What is Workshift?

About Workshift Solutions   

We are a crowdsourcing website, where a large diversity of clients post various jobs for freelancers to complete. With our website, we make outsourcing possible.

There are many different categories of work you can outsource, with each category having many experts in the field. With our large foreign freelancer database, overseas research/jobs are possible. On top of this, we have enabled a team recruiting function within the site, as well as a point system (future discounts).

Changing the way we work, uniting the world as one

Since the 1990’s with the IT boom, our lives have changed drastically. There are no longer difficult obstacles we have to overcome for attaining certain information we need.

Within all of this globalization, the workplace is changing also. People are utilizing their specific skills and taking on jobs, regardless of time and place.

With this in mind we have created our platform, Workshift Solutions, to enable all freelancers to harness their distinct skills and connect themselves to potential clients.

In order for you to live a peaceful life and not change your current lifestyle, yet globalize the work for big time corporations (clients), we make 5 promises.

-To make a workplace that isn’t time or place specific
-To enable people with specific skills to work, regardless of country or language
-To create an environment for clients where they can hire qualified applicants, whether overseas or within the country
-To utilize the knowledge and experience of how the Japanese economy has been sustained over these years
-To create a transparent environment for clients and freelancers alike, regarding payment and evaluations

“Changing the way we work, uniting the world as one”
This phrase in mind, we are striving to change the work place one step at a time.

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