Freelancer User Guide

User Guide

Workshift freelancer in London, England

1. Why Workshift?

・Workshift provides online jobs from large Japanese companies Not full time work but project based work.

・Workshift is the leading global crowdsourcing service in Japan with the largest number of registered overseas freelancers and over 100,000 “Likes” on Facebook.

・Workshift ranks #1 on Google searches of “inbound strategy” and “overseas market research” in Japan.

・For those who cannot read Japanese translation tools are available at the top of each page.

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2. How to Register

Workshift freelancer in Shanghai, China

1) Click on [Registration] and enter your email address.

2) Receive confirmation email from Workshift and open it.

3) Click on the blue link in the confirmation email and complete the registration form. Username, password and country are required. “Country” is used to send job notifications to you related to your registered country.

3. How to Register your Skills
  • To receive job alerts you must register your skills!
  • Most clients select candidates by their skills

1) Go to PROFILE > SKILLS on the blue menu bar or click SKILLS on Mypage
2) Select one item from each menu of Categories, Sub-Categories and Specific Categories
3) Then click the ADD SKILL blue button and save
4) Repeat to add as many skills as you like

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4. How to Find a Job

Step 1. Click the orange FIND WORK button at the top of the page or click Let’s apply for work on Mypage
Step 2. Browse the list of jobs by scrolling
Step 3. Click on the blue job title to see the job details
Step 4. Search by typing keywords in the text box or selecting from job categories

5. How to Apply for a Job

1) Click on the title of the job that you wish to apply for
2) Scroll down the page to the blue APPLY button
3) Click on APPLY button

6. How to Fill out the Job Application

1) Write your job proposal in the text box
2) Attach any reference files
3) In the large text box write your proposal. This is your chance to sell yourself. Explain why you are qualified for this job and how you expect to complete it.
4) Type your proposal price in the Proposal Price box with no commas
5) Indicate your proposed date of delivery in the Date Delivery box 6) Click the APPLY button

7. How to Calculate your Earnings

Workshift user fees are deducted from the contract amount of the job after a project-type job is delivered, inspected and approved by the client. The fee depends on the size of the contract amount. It is a two stage fee calculation as follows:

  • 20% of the job contract amount up to ¥50,000
  • 10% of any portion of the job contract amount above ¥50,000
Your Earnings Calculation

Enter a value in the box below to calculate how much a freelancer receives after deducting system fee.

Your net earnings yen.

Workshift’s bank, Rakuten Bank, will charge ¥1,000 to transfer funds to an overseas bank. If you withdraw and transfer above amount to your overseas account you will receive yen.

Workshift freelancer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

8. How to Verify your Identity

Some clients require identity verification. Identity verification gives the client and freelancer more confidence in each other. Workshift staff will observe your ID document and verify your name and date of birth. If your name and date of birth match your registered name and date of birth Workshift will change your status to “Identification verified” on your profile page. Workshift will NOT disclose your Identification document to anyone!


For individuals we need a publicly issued Identification document such as a passport, driver’s license, election card, tax card, health card, social security card, or other national ID card. School ID cards are not accepted. Your Workshift registered name and date of birth must match your uploaded ID card. The file should be JPG, PNG, or PDF and it must be less than 100MB.

Corporate Users

If you are a corporate registered user please upload any official document showing the name of your firm such as a utility bill or legal document showing your proof of corporate registration. The company name on your document must match the name you have registered with Workshift. The file should be JPG, PNG, or PDF and it must be less than 100MB.

9. How to Deliver your Work

● For your protection we use an escrow system!

1) Once the contract amount is paid by the client to Workshift (called escrow), then you can safely begin your job because Workshift is holding your money.

2) When your work is done go to JOB LIST / ONGOING JOBS and click on your job. REMEMBER, your work cannot be processed by Workshift unless you deliver it through ONGOING JOBS. Your job will not be processed if you send it through the MESSAGE function only.

3) Write a brief comment in the text box and upload your file if there is one.

4) Now wait for the client to review your work!

10. How to Withdraw Funds

・You must have ¥5,000 or more in your Workshift account in order to withdraw funds
・Workshift processes payment to freelancers on the last business day of each month
・Withdrawal requests must be made by the 15th of each month for month end processing

1) Register your Bank

a) Under “Bank Instructions” category, click on “Bank Registration”
b) There are two types of banks: Japanese banks, or overseas banks
c) Properly fill in all the blanks!

2) Money Withdrawal Request

1) Click on “Bank Instructions”
b) Choose Bank Account that you previously registered
c) Input the amount you would like to withdraw
d) Click Submit Button

3) Funds Withdrawal Timeline

1) Click on “Bank Instructions”
b) Choose Bank Account that you previously registered
c) Input the amount you would like to withdraw
d) Click Submit Button

11. Using the Message Function

    ・Messages can be sent to any registered user on Workshift, both clients and freelancers.
    ・Find a user and open their profile page, then click on SEND MESSAGE
    ・To communicate with a client open the job description of the job you are targeting and click on the client’s user name at the top left side of the page. The link will take you to the client’s profile page. Then click on SEND MESSAGE.
    ・Your messages are archived and retrievable from the MESSAGE icon at the top of the Workshift screen.

12. Reference Material

- How to improve your profile and win more jobs

  1. Go to PROFILE on the blue menu bar and upload a nice portrait photo of yourself. Professionals suggest that a photo taken from the waist up are the most effective. According to our data 78% of our job winners have uploaded their photo!
  2. In the Professional Profile box write a self-introduction highlighting your skills and work experience. According to our data 88% of our job winners have written a self-introduction in their professional profile box.
  3. Click on SKILLS and register your skills. Clients focus on skills, so you should too! If you skills are not registered we cannot send email alerts to you when new jobs for your skills arrive.
  4. Click on CV to upload your CV (deleting items of privacy such as your name, telephone number, etc).
  5. Our best advice is for you to observe the profiles of our most successful freelancers at the following Link.

- The Translation Tool

・To translate a job description just click on the blue “translate” button located on the right side of the page
・Multiple languages can be selected
・For convenience, a “Translation Tool” button is positioned at the top of each Workshift page

- What is Crowdsourcing?

“Crowdsourcing” is a rapidly growing business. Coined from the words “crowd” and “source (sourcing),” this new business model allows you to outsource tasks to an unspecified large number of people with expert knowledge in their field.

Workshift freelancer in Saudi Arabia

- Two types of jobs

"Competition-type" is a contest which begins immediately by freelancers creating a design, such as a logo, according to the client's instructions and submitting the design when applying for the job.

Step 1. Create a Design
For a “Competition-type” job first create your design.

Step 2. Apply for the Job
When your design is ready you can apply for the job. A winner will be selected from the pool of applicants.
Step 3. A Winner is Hired
If your design entry wins, the contract amount (less the user fee) is paid to your Workshift account.

For a "Project-type" job, first read the job description then click the APPLY button.

Step 1. Write about how your skills and your work experience qualify you for the job and how you intend to complete the job.
Step 2. Enter your proposal price
Step 3. Enter your proposed delivery date
Step 4. The client will review your proposal and profile page, then HIRE someone from the pool of applicants.

13. FAQ

To observe Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the following image.

14. Terms of Use

Terms of Use