We are very pleased to come to know the perspective of local consumers” My department uses cross border e-commerce to sell Japanese sake. As part of our overseas expansion we utilized the Workshift platform to investigate local shop prices overseas. We started with Singapore then proceeded with market research in 3 other cities to complete our investigation of 4 overseas cities. We had some concern over Workshift product quality and pricing but we were able to attain good results. Thanks to Workshift freelancers we were able to come to know the perspective of local consumers and we were very satisfied with the results. We look forward to using Workshift again in the near future!

I am the Incubation Lead at MELON (Medical Linguistic Optimization Network) where we are developing a hand held audio translation device for medical institutions in Japan to support the growing number of non-Japanese residents and tourists who have a medical need. We don’t have native speakers of foreign languages on our team so we were happy to work with Workshift which has provided us with a large number of contacts with linguists from all over the world through their global service at a very low price.

We are managing a company called “FUN! JAPAN” which targets 6 areas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and ASEAN. Over 4 million people follow our Facebook page and 750,000 Japan lovers are registered on our website. As I work as the leader for a team of Japanese and Thai workers, I sometimes have problems completing projects due to a lack of translators, local photographers and other resources. Through Workshift we can get access to high-quality and inexpensive translators as well as other local resources. With Workshift we are able to contact a wide range of freelancers with different skills and backgrounds.

Appreciate Co., Ltd manufactures and distributes Visionup, the training glasses to enhance dynamic visual acuity. Starting with professional athletes to customers of all ages we have been contributing to performance improvement and suppression of ageing effects. We recently hired freelancers through Workshift who were hands-on and flexible enough to deal with our ad-hoc projects. We managed to complete the tasks without having to hire permanent staff who may not have been able to meet our expectations. Not only was it economical, but the work was conducted promptly and accurately. We are grateful to Workshift for establishing and managing such a wonderful service.

We had a need for translation for our website and advertisement business so we turned to a crowdsourcing solution. Many foreign freelancers are registered with the service, it is very effective for translation of inbound related advertisements because they can translate using native expressions. Furthermore, most of them can understand Japanese, so we communicate with them smoothly. Workshift is more convenient than we expected because of the ability to communicate immediately and make specific translation requests. Compared to other available outsourcing options this service resulted in high cost performance, and we are satisfied.

Our company Three-s manufactures and sells valve positioner,a precision instrument that is used by industrial plants. In order to expand our market overseas,we asked freelancers in twelve countries via Workshift to investigate potential business partners. Compared with professional research companies, Workshift has a lower price, and the result is also satisfactory. Furthermore, we are able to evaluate freelancers. Clients can pay for the job only when they are satisfied with the results, so we have no worries when using Workshift’s servive. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

TSUNAGU is a web-media company that provides travel and lifestyle information about Japan to foreign visitors. In the past we used one of the large US based crowdsourcing companies but we heard that a new Japanese crowdsourcing company called Workshift had many foreign freelancers so we decided to try them. Many freelancers at Workshift are familiar with the customs and culture of Japan. Moreover, compared to the large US crowdsourcing firms the quality is high and we are very satisfied. The fact that we can use Japanese and make payments in yen are additional satisfaction factors.


We had a project to do requiring a team with strong linguistic abilities so we turned to a crowdsourcing solution. The first time we used Worshift we had some initial concerns, it was a research project on the telecommunications environment of multiple overseas cities. Both the speed and detail of the work we received was beyond our expectations. Compared to other outsourcing options we had the cost performance of this service was far better and it was easy to use as well. Going forward, I believe the use of freelancers will become more common as a new way to do business whenever there is an in-house shortage of staff. We are highly satisfied with the freelancers work and we will continue to use Workshift.

At PLUS Corp. we offer developing, manufacturing, and distribution services of stationery and office supplies. Currently we are in the midst of expanding our services overseas. In order to do so, it is necessary for us to know about different people living all over the world. Through Workshift Solutions, we are able to create a network that connects people from one side of the globe to the other. It is a great advantage to be able to connect Tokyo to the rest of the world through jobs such as translation or local research. The process of posting a job and hiring a freelancer is simple and easy to understand, and we were extremely satisfied with the results. We see a great potential in offering global jobs through the Internet.

Our firm C-GRAT creates and offers a variety of educational environments with the aim of promoting equality. One way we do this is with our "support notebook". As part of our overseas business we needed someone local in a foreign country to assist us with our business trip and we were having trouble finding such a person. Despite the inherent difficulty of quickly finding someone suitable in a far away country, we signed up with Workshift and we were amazed to receive an application for the job within just 30 minutes! Thanks to Workshift, we were able to execute our plan on schedule and we look forward to using Workshift again in the future.

Prior Corporation is expanding into the wedding industry. Lifting spirits and making dreams come true is part of our corporate philosophy and it is now driving our entry into new businesses such as restaurants, pastry shops, and dress shops. Our company continues to grow and as we absorb various new skills and knowledge we are challenged as to how to go about effectively utilizing them. The reason why we used Workshift on this occasion is that we believe its pool of freelancers, both overseas and within Japan, can help us solve our problems. We are satisfied with pricing, delivered products and services and we look forward to future business with you.

Ands Corporation offers a cosmetic product designed to treat skin problems from its core. We are selling this product over the counter under the brand name Atrege. Our motivation for using Workshift was driven by a desire to tap the ideas of a large number of people to solve problems, conduct research and also because we are interested on this new business called crowdsourcing. We plan to use this service for a wide range of activities such as packaging, designing, planing as well as for conducting overseas market research.

Fukuei Sangyo is a well established 58 year old manufacturer, processor and project planner of plastics. We currently have an office in China as part of our global expansion but the reason we are using Workshift's service is to access a greater array of ideas and designs. Going forward, we will continue to utilize crowdsourcing in order to realize our mission "To use craftsmanship as a bridge connecting Japan to China, Japan to the world and customers to our manufacturing plants."