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This is the job type whereby the client discloses the job details and budget for payment. After candidates submitted their entries, the client will select his/her favorite entry (proposal) and payment will be made to the freelancer. This method is suitable for cases where the client can review many designs like logo creation, business card designs or banner designs.


This is the job type whereby the client sets the budget range and then freelancers propose the amount of money and time period needed to complete the job. The client discloses desired price and time period conditions regarding the job details. If the freelancers agree to those conditions they will apply for the job request. After that, the client will choose the most suitable candidate among all applied freelancers to do the job. This method is suitable for complicated jobs where frequent communication is needed like an app development project which has many detailed requirements.

Team function

This is the function for forming a team with 2 or more freelancers and all members cooperate to work together. We think that an even better output could be created by a group of people with different fields of knowledge. It is possible to belong to many teams but one can be the leader of only one team.

Team leader

Team Leader is the freelancer on the team who is responsible for the quality of the output. The leader can decide to exclude members or to allocate the reward to every member. A freelancer can belong to more than one team but one cannot be the team leader of more than one team at the same time. The team leader can both apply for the work request as well as submit the final output. to belong to many teams but one can be the leader of only one team.

Team member

A team member is a freelancer who is part of the team. Freelancers can be invited to a team from the team leader, or freelancers can send a request to any team leader to join a team. When a team applies for a job each member should understand that the payment allocation of every member is decided by the team leader. Once they have all agreed on their reward allocations, the team leader can apply for the job. Unlike team leaders, a freelancer can belong to more than one team.

Favorite registration

This is the function used for checking jobs or freelancers that you like. This function is convenient when you want to discuss about the job details again later or when you want to request work from a specific client in the future.

Attention option

In order to get the attention of freelancers who are looking for work, you can choose to add background color of your job when displaying it on the list. (Optional fee: 3,000 yen not including tax)

Urgent option

When displaying a job on the list, you can choose to display your job above other job posts. This option is convenient when there is urgency to get the job done in a hurry (Optional fee: 7,000 yen not including tax)

Non-public option

In case the client does not want to show the work details in public, you can choose to display the work details only for the users who logged-in to WorkShift. (Optional fee: 5,000 yen not including tax)


The general term which refers to the person who receives work (takes on a job).


The general term which refers to the person who posts a job to be done (submits the order).

Project budget

This is the budget range for the job to be done. Based on this budget range, the freelancers create a proposal and submit an offer (the amount of money) they want for doing the job.


The freelancers who received the work will get 1 point for every 1,000 yen after they finished a job. They can receive the special services such as redeeming the collected points for a discount on the service fee.

Escrow (temporary deposit)

Escrow is the function of Workshift holding the contract money until the job is completed(project-type job) or until a winner is selected for a competition type job. Freelancers can begin their job without worrying about payment from the client because the contract money is paid in advance and held in escrow.


This is the inspection period of the delivered product by the client (requester). In case there are some mistakes, the client can ask the freelancer to re-submit a revised product and conduct the inspection again.

Identity verification document

This is the document used for verifying whether the information displayed in the freelancers profile is accurate. Admissable documents can be a driver's license, insurance card, certificate of residence or passport. In cases where ID verification is required by the client, the freelancer cannot apply for the job if ID verification has not been cleared.


This is the status of the assigned job. For example the job status can 'still publicly posted' or 'work in progress'.

Posting period

This is the time period when freelancers can submit a proposal for the job. The job will be removed from the list after the posting period expires. However, that work can still be observed when using the search function.

Registered bank account

This is the bank account used for receiving money from your Workshift account. For those who have more than 5,000 yen in their Workshift account, Workshift can transfer the money to your registered bank account.

Automatic withdraw process

This is the process for automatically transferring the money to the registered bank account if the balance in your Workshift account is more than 5,000 yen in that month. Because the transfer fee is charged to the user, the transfer fee will be deducted from the transfer amount. Please understand in advance.