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Workshift FAQ

Member Registration

Is it free to register?

Registering as a member is free, along with posting and applying for jobs. If you ever want to leave the Workshift platform, of course that’s free too. If you have any other questions, please look under the freelancer/client guide tab.

I cannot receive any messages from Workshift

--If the messages are not reaching you, there are two possibilities.

(1) You may have registered the wrong email address.
In most cases, the messages are not reaching you due to the wrong email address!

(2) Check your spam folder
If your email address is correct but you are still not getting the emails, check your spam folder.

I want to change my ID on Workshift

Unfortunately, once you have created an account, you cannot change your ID.
If you wish to change your ID, please close your account and open a new account!

What happens if you forget the email address you registered with?

If you somehow forget which email address you registered on the site with, please send Workshift Customer Support a copy of your ID verification document. Once we are able to confirm this, we will guide you from there.

I’m having difficulty logging in

There are 3 possibilities as to why you cannot log in

(1) You are trying to log in with an incorrect password
If the password is incorrect, please reset your password by clicking on the change password tab within the site

(2) You are trying to log in with an incorrect email address
If this is the case, please reset your email through the “change email address” tab. If you receive a pop-up saying (Incorrect Email Address), this may mean that you haven’t registered properly.

(3) The registration process is incomplete
If the registration process has not been completed by verifying your email address, you will not be able to log in. Please complete the process in order for this to work.

Is there an age limit for using the Workshift site?

We ask users to be over 18 in order to register for the site.

When I try to confirm my email, it gives me an invalid link and an error message.

The mail address we assign when you decide to change your email/sign up in the beginning is only valid for 48 hours.
If you don’t finish the user registration all the way and cancel half way through, your email address and username will be held for 48 hours.
Within this time period, unless you finish the registration properly, you will not be able to sign in. Please remember to finish it all the way through!

Account Management

I want to change my password

Click here

I forgot my password.

Click here

I want to change my email address.

Click here

I want to unsubscribe from all notification messages.

Click here

I want to close my account and delete all data

Click here

Can I make multiple accounts?

No, we only allow one account per person. If you are utilizing multiple accounts we will shut down your accounts.

I want to change my username

You cannot change your username once you create an account. If you wish to change your username, please close your account and open a new account.

Posting Job

As a client, does it cost me money to use the site?

Using the site as a client is free unless you decided to use our client services.
The website receives a certain percentage of the job payment, however, this is deducted from the amount you decide to pay your freelancer.
(i.e If the contract is for 500 yen, then a system fee of 100 yen is deducted and 400 yen goes to the freelacer.

If there’s a problem with the final product, will I get a refund?

Until you decide that the work submitted is adequate, no payment will be transferred to the freelancer.
On top of this, although there are two styles of job postings, in either one you will usually be able to get a refund if you wish to.

Can I expect high quality work to be submitted?

We have freelancers from over 80 countries registered that are experts in their specific fields.
Additionally, until you decide that the work is up to your standards, the job will not be finished.

What is the difference between competition style and project style?

Competition style is where all potential freelancers submit their work, while project style is where the client chooses a specific freelancer for their job beforehand.
This is usually dependent on what type of job is posted, however, project style is more often selected.

What is the escrow service on the site?

The escrow service is a system where the client will transfer the job payment to Workshift Solutions before the freelancer is chosen/job is started.
Until the job is finished, we will hold the payment for you.

Can you specify a certain freelancer for your job?

Yes, by searching for a freelancer under the “Find Freelance” tab, you are able to choose a specific freelancer.

What are the merits for posting a job for a team?

First of all, you are able to post a wide range of jobs for them to complete.
It’s also important to note that each individual may have different language speaking abilities or specific skills/knowledge, making it a very efficient way of outsourcing.

I’m unfortunately not able to speak other foreign languages; will I be able to get the job info across?

When posting a job, it will be divided into 3 different categories.
The divided categories will automatically be translated into English, meaning that your language speaking abilities will not be a problem.
Also, if you are worried about speaking a certain language, try posting a job to a team that speaks your language!

What are some tips when requesting a job to foreign freelancers?

Comparing the US and Japan, work is contracted differently.
It is advised to be very specific when requesting a job (i.e I want you to use excel and create specific graphs, etc)
In many cases the client will think that their explanation is good enough for the freelancer, however, the freelancer may have trouble understanding the work info because of the language barrier.

Applying for Jobs

Does it cost money to use the site?

It doesn’t cost any money for you to use the site, however, a system fee will be processed after you complete your job.
If your job was contracted for 50,000 yen, you’ll receive 40,000 where 10,000 yen is taken as a system fee.

Does it cost any money to register as a user?

It doesn’t cost any money to register as a user!

Can I use the site although I don’t live in Japan? (Japanese person living overseas)

Of course! Anyone can use the site as long as they sign up and enter their personal details.

Can I use the site as a client AND a freelancer?

Yes, as long as you open two accounts.

Am I able to sign up as a corporation? As an individual?

On the Workshift website, you can request/apply for a job either as a corporation or an individual alike.

When will I receive the payment?

Depending on the client and when the job was posted, once the job is finished, the payment should be in your account.
With the account you have set up, a bank transfer can be executed.
Every 15th day of the month, we have set up a transfer system. In this case, for the transfer to be completed you must have more than 5000 yen in your account.
If you are trying to transfer on a holiday or weekend, we ask you to wait until the next business day to receive your payment.

Is there a difference between project style and competition style within posted jobs?

Project style is when a client specifically asks you to complete the job.
You apply for the job, the client approves you, both parties agree to certain terms, and the job is started.
Competition style is where all potential freelancers submit their work to a posted job, where the client chooses the best work. For both styles, the payment is received at the end.

Will confidential information be protected?

Unless you read and sign the confidentiality agreement for each job, the work cannot be started.
(On top of this, other parties cannot see the messages between the freelancer and client)