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What is Team?

What is Team?   

“Team Function” is a function which contracts for project style job with a team. The team consists of a number of freelancers. If you invite your friends on Workshift, it’s possible to work with them. If you use “message function” on Workshift, you can communicate with team members and clients easily.

What is the advantage to work with Team? 

Only team leader can apply for job request. Team leader can choose team members who are suitable for the job and decide allocation of rewards. Members can participate in the work only if they agree with the leader. Contract with the client is the individual contract of the members (including leaders) who participate in the work.

How to contract jobs in the team?

The biggest advantage to working with a Team is the ability to spread the scope of the work. If you are unable to apply for a project job alone, you can apply for the job with people who have skill. For example, it’s difficult to apply medium-sized or more of website design by oneself. Because the job needs many kinds of skill such as design, programing and writing. So if you work with team members who have different skills, you can spread the width of the work. If you have team member who is good at language, you can apply overseas work. Also client can offer the job which need multiple skills more efficiently and reduce the cost and time.

The character of “team function”   

1. You can only be the leader of only one team

The leader can make team by inviting fellow freelancers. Only a leader can apply the jobs, select members and reward ratio. The job which you can apply for as a team is Project style job. The leader has to take responsibility to communicate with a client and maintain quality of deliverables. So a leader cannot concurrently serve as multiple of team leader.

2. Evaluation of team are same content to each member

After finishing the job, client and team will evaluate each other. Evaluation of the team is granted equal same rating to each member who participates in the job. Good teamwork can obtain a high evaluation.

3. The leader may expel members

The leader takes the management responsibility of the team to maximize the teamwork and work efficiency.Therefore, if it is necessary, leader can expel members from the team. However, it is recommended for the leaders to notify the intention of the expulsion to the individuals.