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  • Client Interview

    PLUS, Inc.

    overseas marketing

    At PLUS Corp. we offer developing, manufacturing, and distribution services of stationery and office supplies. Currently we are in the midst of expanding our services overseas. In order to do so, it is necessary for us to know about different people living all over the world. Through Workshift Solutions, we are able to create a network that connects people from one side of the globe to the other. It is a great advantage to be able to connect Tokyo to the rest of the world through jobs such as translation or local research. The process of posting a job and hiring a freelancer is simple and easy to understand, and we were extremely satisfied with the results. We see a great potential in offering global jobs through the Internet.

  • Client Interview

    3S ,Inc.

    President's office Teruyuki Shinbo

    We are a manufacturer and vendor of valve positioners - a type of precision instrument - for industrial plants. In order to expand our overseas sales channels we used Workshift freelancers in 12 countries to research and list up potential distributors of our product. Compared to using conventional research companies we were able to make significant cost savings. Moreover, we thought the research results reflected good overall cost performance. In addition, the freelancer evaluation function, escrow function (not paying until the job is completed) and other features reduced our concerns about using the service. We plan to use the service again when we have similar market research needs in the future.

  • Client Interview

    Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc.

    Mr. Ichiro Fujisawa

    We had a project to do requiring a team with strong linguistic abilities so we turned to a crowdsourcing solution. The first time we used Worshift we had some initial concerns, it was a research project on the telecommunications environment of multiple overseas cities. Both the speed and detail of the work we received was beyond our expectations. Compared to other outsourcing options we had the cost performance of this service was far better and it was easy to use as well. Going forward, I believe the use of freelancers will become more common as a new way to do business whenever there is an in-house shortage of staff. We are highly satisfied with the freelancers work and we will continue to use Workshift.

  • Client Interview

    TSUNAGU, Inc.

    President Mr. Ryo Hagiwara

    TSUNAGU is a web-media company that provides travel and lifestyle information about Japan to foreign visitors. In the past we used one of the large US based crowdsourcing companies but we heard that a new Japanese crowdsourcing company called Workshift had many foreign freelancers so we decided to try them. Many freelancers at Workshift are familiar with the customs and culture of Japan. Moreover, compared to the large US crowdsourcing firms the quality is high and we are very satisfied. The fact that we can use Japanese and make payments in yen are additional satisfaction factors.

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Web Marketing

  • Project
  • 0 Results
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Job Category:Advertising and Public Relations

Project Budget (tax included): 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen

★長期可能★ 健康情報、地域ネタ、花火大会などの季節のイベントのブログ記事作成。主婦の方歓迎!

  • Project
  • 0 Results
  • Ends in 0 day(s)

Job Category:Blog Writing

Project Budget (tax included): 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen


  • Project
  • 1 Results
  • Ends in 3 day(s)

Job Category:Home Page Development

Project Budget (tax included): 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen

FB 90,000 "Like" Banner Design / FB 90,000「いいね!」のバナーデザイン

  • Competition
  • 2 Results
  • Ends in 17 day(s)

Job Category:Banner Design

Contract Price to Winner : 12,000 Yen

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Japanese manga (comics) and anime are enjoyed worldwide. Workshift supports overseas transmission of Japanese animation culture as a means to convey good things about Japan.

About Workshift

Workshift is an online workplace where you can place job orders, receive job orders and settle payments all on one site - this is called crowdsourcing.  Essentially, it means you can do all your outsourcing online from anywhere, in less time, and at less cost. For freelancers around the world, Workshift offers easy access to Japan's large economy, a market which due to geography and language is otherwise difficult for non-Japanese to penetrate. In fact, Workshift is the first crowdsourcing service in Japan to offer Japanese clients a truly global network in the form of access to non-Japanese overseas based freelancers. Moreover, user registration is free so if you have a skill to sell we invite you to join us by registering today.

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Useful information about crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing today and its future

Recently the labor industry has seen traditional labor constraints being eroded as the increase of crowdsourcing introduces a more flexible and work style for both employee and employer.

Report about non-Japanese freelancers

A report has been made on how Workshift freelancers register and work. Our results show that freelancers are positive about working with Japan and strive hard to win jobs on Workshift.

A comparison of crowdsourcing in Japan and overseas

Upon comparing Japanese crowdsourcing sites with crowdsourcing sites in other markets we concluded that the current growth of crowdsourcing in Japan will continue.

The trick to successfully posting a crowdsourcing job.

When hiring a non-Japanese freelancer there are some differences from traditional Japanese domestic hiring practices. We'll introduce some techniques to help you achieve a smoother hiring process.

Crowdsourcing can help you improve productivity

By using crowdsourcing you can focus on your core business. It is said that 90% of administrative work at small / medium size companies is clerical and trivial work that constrains work productivity improvements.

How does the escrow function promote trust

Money transactions are the source of most problems for internet businesses. Overseas money transactions are particularly problematic, but at Workshift we will handle this for you.

What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a web service on the internet where companies with a job to be done and freelancers looking for work can meet. The word crowdsourcing comes from "crowd" as in a crowd of people and "outsourcing" which means to farm out work. Crowdsourcing is a new outsourcing method using the internet which allows you to post a job anytime you need to, with people who have skills you need. Traditionally outsourcing was an act of contacting a specialist and placing an order for work to be done. Today, however, with the widespread diffusion of the internet you can contact a large number of people (freelancers) some of who will apply for the work (job) that you need to be done. This is called crowdsourcing. It is said that the use of crowdsourcing can cut both product development and new business start up costs and time in half. The costs of market research and translation requirements when expanding business into Asia can be reduced through the use of crowdsourcing and these cost savings would directly lead to improvement in the firm's competitiveness versus rivals. There are many talented freelancers in Asia who have registered with Workshift Solutions. For that reason companies in Japan looking to expand into Asia can make significant cost savings using freelancers in Asia on the Workshift crowdsourcing platform.

Jobs that are outsourced through crowdsourcing services.

Jobs that are outsourced using a crowdsourcing service are typically in fields requiring a professional skill such as overseas market research work, translation, design projects (logos, posters etc.), and web development related jobs. A big reason for this is that crowdsourcing is conducted online and the output of each of the above professional fields is in a digital format that is easily transferred over the internet. Besides the professional fields mentioned above Workshift, because of its unique position as a Japanese global crowdsourcing platform, it is a preferred site for writing projects, videography, and software development in multiple foreign languages. Workshift is a site not only for jobs requiring a special skill but it is also an easy to use site for jobs that do not require a particular professional skill. Crowdsourcing jobs usually require a short time - several hours - to complete. Consequently, crowdsourcing jobs typically take only one or two days to complete. Through the use of crowdsourcing, overseas market research and translation costs can be reduced. These cost savings help lower the hurdle for Japanese companies wishing to expand overseas.

Three social issues that Workshift can help solve.

1. Workshift can support Japanese firms aiming to expand their business overseas. By implementing a crowdsourcing service Workshift can offer Japanese firms easy and direct access to overseas professionals who can help them with their overseas expansion plans. By using local overseas professionals Japanese firms can make considerable cost savings. Workshift has developed an easy-to-use platform, for users to use at a very low cost, enabling clients to farm out overseas market research tasks and translation work faster and for less cost than traditional sources.
2. Workshift helps Japan fill the shortage of young skilled IT engineers. ] With a continuously dropping birthrate and population decline Japan is experiencing a shortage of IT engineers in their 20s and 30s. This can be alleviated by using crowdsourcing to access 20 and 30 year old IT engineers overseas. Going forward Japanese firms will use crowdsourcing more and more to access quality IT workers in Asia.
3. Workshift is dedicated to providing both Japanese companies and individuals in Japan a better opportunity to expand and succeed in overseas markets. It is also expected that overseas firms will be showing greater interest in Japan as we approach the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Workshift can assist small and medium size companies in Japan gain access to projects from overseas firms by providing a crowdsourcing platform on which Japanese firms can easily participate in the bidding process. It used to be difficult for Japanese firms to participate in international projects but with crowdsourcing this is no longer true. Moreover, Workshift can be a portal through which Cool Japan, such as anime, manga and illustrations are, exhibited for sale to the rest of the world.

Workshift, the worldwide crowdsourcing company from Japan

Workshift has developed a worldwide network of skilled freelancers to whom anyone can hire for short-term work over the internet. This global network consists of over 13,000 registered freelancers, of which over 90% have acquired knowledge and learned professional skills from international academic institutions. They are available conveniently online to fulfil job assignments in the fields of overseas market research, translation, onsite interpretation, and local design. What is more, for inbound opportunities please use Workshift to help you find business partners in Japan. A large portion of Workshift talented freelancers are in Asia or South America. For Japanese firms keen on doing business in Asia, South America, India, the Middle East or other geographies Workshift offers access to local talented professionals who can provide business support in those countries. Many freelancers registered with Workshift are multilingual. Because Workshift is based in Japan and sources most of it clients from Japan, many Japanese speaking professionals living overseas tend to register as freelancers with Workshift, especially in Asia. Workshift is the only Japan-based crowdsourcing firm with a trilingual platform (Japanese, English and French). It also features an embedded translation tool. All of which promotes a swift and convenient way for Japanese firms to post a job. Another feature for accommodating Japanese customers is the use of Japanese yen for all transactions. When posting a job for overseas market research, translation, onsite interpretation, design, or IT programming and other digital related work Workshift provides 150 job categories to choose from. By outsourcing jobs to a local professional, Japanese companies expanding to Asia or any other region can make considerable cost savings using Workshift, a crowdsourcing company.