Hi, I am "Arthit312" from Japan. I worked 8 years in Bangkok, Thailand as an export/import coordinator, translator/interpreter, investigator of trade regulations for Japanese customers at international logistics companies. I understand Japanese customers and how to attend to their needs, but also know foreign culture well. I moved to Italy to study art 2 years ago.I would like to work through worksift mainly as a translator from English to Japanese, Japanese to English, and Thai to Japanese. Thank you very much.


Hello everyone! My name is Noah and I am a freelance designer and illustrator from Holland. I design banners, logo's, posters, styles, website layouts, magazine/book covers, packaging and some illustration work specializing in Anime and Manga styled artwork, and more. I can understand and read simple basic Japanese. Please take a look at my Portfolio website if i piqued your interest! My Curriculum Vitae can also be found there.

Hello, I'm Yukki from Japan. I am currently living in Bangladesh but I was living in the Philippines for the past 7 years. I have experience working as an employee with foreign financial firms in Tokyo, New York, and Manila. I also have experience doing English/Japanese translations and would like to apply this experience here on Workshift to anyone who seeks such service.


Dear readers, hello! I’m "PopKusumann" a native Thai speaker. I have been teaching Thai Language to Japanese people for 2 years. I can translate between English, Thai and Japanese. I have translated many different documents from Japanese into Thai. I also do Voice Talent in Thai and English as well. I am ready to take on international projects with my linguistic abilities and I would like to add that I am easy to manage and can work under pressure.

Hi everyone! I'm "Jham" from the Philippines. Overall I have spent 3 and a half years working as an administrative aide. One and a half years as a secretary with a trading firm where I helped maintain office supplies by checking inventory levels and anticipating supply needs, assisting with both internal and external events, and acting as a liaison between departments and external contacts. I also spent two 2 years as an administrative aide for a government agency.

Hi! I'm Sakura, a Japanese-Indonesian designer with a BA in design from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano. My main focus was on interior design, but I am open to any kind of design from space, visual graphics and short movie clips to editorial works. I have found Workshift to be a bridge for designers and clients around the world to share their abilities, opportunities, and needs on a bigger scale and in a harmonious relationship. Workshift exposes the designer's ability, yet still allows them flexibility to choose which project interests them. As it is online, it gives greater access to more people.

Hello everyone! I'm rdowney and I'm a Canadian Certified Computer Technician of 20+ years. My skills include servicing, troubleshooting and upgrading desktops, laptops, netbooks, with support for Microsoft Windows (XP - Windows 7) and MacOS. I have 5+ years of data entry experience with one of Canada's largest's banks (Royal Bank of Canada/RBC). I also have 10+ years of proof reading experience from general topics to technical documents. Fluent in conversational Japanese and have lived in various parts of Japan through 1995 to 2012.


Hello everyone, I'm Oyuna from Mongolia. I have been working with a tour operator company in Mongolia since 2011. Before working in Mongolia I was working at a Japanese private school of foreign language teaching Russian and English languages from 2009 - 2010 . Now I am translator in a company. My skills are translation from English , Japanese , Russian to Mongolian, and from Mongolian to Russian ,English, and Japanese. Also from Japanese to Russian and English, and from Russian, English to Japanese. I also enjoy banner design and writing.

Please meet "Rough", one of our many talented graphic artists at Workshift. Rough registered with Workshift in September 2014 and made his first breakthough with Workshift on Christmas day, December 25th, by winning our Workshift seal design contest where he was awarded a five star evaluation by our team for his original and inspiring artwork. Rough has completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and is currently working as a graphic artist in the Philippines.

Hello everyone! I'm Oleksandra from the Ukraine. I am a dynamic, creative writer with a passionate attitude toward my job. After graduating from university with a masters degree in journalism spent few years working at printed and internet media, TV and PR. I traveled a lot around the world and had a few internships abroad (USA, India) which enabled me to become an experienced translator. I am a bilingual Russian and Ukrainian speaker, and also speak fluent English. I passed the Level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Thailand. Finally, I always meet my deadlines (even those marked "for yesterday").