Hello Workshift friends! I'm "baole" from Vietnam. I have 6 years experience in Technical Document Translation. My TOEIC score is 885/990. I am also experienced at Online Marketing jobs. the most recent ones were: 1) An online marketing job for a football event in Japan by spreading over 50 dedicated messages to my friends on Facebook. 2) To design and distribute a banner for Dance Competition in Ho Chi Minh City. 3) To make an online marketing survey about television demand in Vietnam for a Japanese client. Workshift is a reliable platform for freelancers. Clients at Workshift are friendly and fair. I've worked in many freelance platforms but Workshift is the highest paying one. Other than this, customer support service from Workshift is quick responsive and supportive. Thanks to the people who created this platform for us! My wish is for you to be the best of freelance service in the near future.

My name is Le Dinh Lam and my Workshift user name is "LeDinhLam". I'm from Vietnam and I am currently studying chemical technology, but I also have knowledge in business and marketing in terms of chemistry and chemical technology. I am a Vietnamese native speaker with advanced level of English, Russian and Ukrainian. I also know a little French.

Good day! I'm Rodrigo from Brazil. Username "rdanunes". I graduated in Business Administration with a post-degree in Strategic People Management and a Technical Course in IT. I am a native speaker of Portuguese, have advanced level of English and intermediate level of Spanish. I also have knowledge of the following: PDCA, SDCA, 5S, SAP R/3 and others. Finally, I can also say I have good knowledge and experience with Internet Pages Evaluation, Social Media Evaluation, and Crowdsourcing.

Hello! I'm "masulliv" from the UK. I have worked in freelance writing and editing for a number of years. This has included interviews with musicians, celebrities, artists and craftspeople (all based in Japan). In addition, I have written about Japanese culture, history, media and crafts. As part of the above work I have completed translations from Japanese to English, for example interviews with craftspeople, such as a Washi Paper artist, press releases for a Tokyo based art gallery and more. Using Workshift is really easy, communication with clients is straightforward and there is an efficient process for working on and completing projects. For a freelancer as well there is quite a diverse range of work to apply for.