Hello, I'm "dolabiswas" from Thailand. I'm a devoted professional with 2+ years combined experience as a Lecturer and Graduate Teaching Assistant at a university in Bangladesh. Now pursuing MBA at School of Management, AIT, Thailand to have in depth knowledge in Marketing and Research.

Hello, I’m Eng. Sheikh Md. Aminul Islam Ashik. I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I graduated from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) as an Automobile Engineer. Recently I completed CSE from HRTI. I have been working since 2010 and I have full time work experience in the Real Estate field, Hospitality field, IT sector, Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Excellence, Data Entry Specialist, Bank, Optimize Engineering, Pavement Engineer, Online Education, and many more. I am a passionate, organized and responsible person when it comes to work. Also, I love to explore different cultures, people and practices.

Hello Workshift users! I am "Nesta" from Kenya. I am a business school graduate,i have a masters degree in business management, a higher diploma in journalism and mass media studies. I have worked as a tutor,business editor,content writer,data analyst,researcher and financial analyst.I have over 7 years writing, proof-editing and researching experience among others.

Hello! I'm Sugie from Indonesia. I have more than 12 Years as an employee at Japanese Companies (Sanyo Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries). Familiar with Japanese matters, good Communication in Japanese Oral and written. If you need help for Microsoft office word, xls or translation from Japanese to Indonesia vice verse, or need guide in Indonesia..(Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and Karawang area, please contact me at sugip2009@gmail.com

Hello! I'm "kuyaEric" from the Philippines. I'm primarily a WEB developer but I have extensive experience on everything related to Information Technology. I've worked as a project manager, college level IT lecturer, IT department head and other positions. I'm well versed with most MS Office products as well as Adobe editing tools.

Hello! I'm "nujaree" from Thailand. I am currently working as a business development executive for a new startup called Zenrooms (under Rocket Internet). My role is to search and form new partnerships with quality budget hotels in Thailand to create one of the best and largest budget hotels in South East Asia. But of course, I still have free time to work on an interesting freelance job.

Hello Workshift users! I'm "Jelwellth" from Thailand. I have proven expertise in Market Research, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management. Worked in Bangladesh, South Africa, Swaziland and Thailand. I have expertise in managing a team with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Currently I am pursuing a MBA in Technology Management and work as a freelancer on an online platform.

My name is Aminul Islam from Bangladesh. I am a Front-End Web Developer using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap. Coding and Design are my favorite hobbies also a big part of my life. I love to make attractive and creative Responsive Web Design. Also I have basic experience in the following areas -PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Laravel. I know enough of HTML, CSS, jQuery, Responsive design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bootstrap. I'm not a master of any, but know how to use Google for help. So a good opportunity to build creative websites for you or your business.

Hi, I'm Emma from Italy! For one year I was a private teacher after school for students and for everyone who likes japanese language. After graduation I translated from Italian to Japanese and vice versa, and I practiced as an interpreter. I had two experiences in Japan, during which I studied in a Japanese Language School to improve my abilities. The first was in 2012 for three months to take advantage for my dissertation. The most recent was in October 2014 for six months.

Hi! My name is Kay Khaing Win and I am from Myanmar. I am a graphic designer also trying to be a professional . I am currently working at a company and still accept jobs as freelancer. Now I am working on a project from japan such as map, e-book, logo trace, madori and image cutting. I can use adobe photoshop and Illustrator.