Hello, everyone! My name is Susan (user name "lidsoki"). I have worked in Japan as a community relations specialist where I interpreted and translated. I also hold Eiken Pre-First Grade. As a student of Project Management Program, I am able to leverage my experience with the freelancing work through Work Shift Solutions. The company website posts a variety of jobs that can potentially expand my translation skills. The company has been swift with a reply to my question and communicated on client’s needs clearly. It will be my pleasure to assist my clients with the consistent translation that the clients can depend on.

Hi, I'm Michelle, (MichelleDunner) from Melbourne Australia, and I'm passionate about writing, editing, blogging and social media. My background is in print and radio journalism, public relations and marketing and the major industries I've worked in include financial services, property, food, wine and travel. Getting involved with Workshift has been a real bonus as I've loved the time I've spent in Japan and I'm delighted to help out Japanese businesses through the site.

Hello Workshift users! I'm "goodlife" from Cameroon. I handle French and English seamlessly from Japanese. I have more than 8 years of continuous experience proofreading academic documents and conference-ready papers for international publications. Feel free to submit your work and it will be done in no time.

Hello, I am Reina, a Japanese residing in the Philippines. I am an Illustrator, fashion designer and a stylist. Able to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Microsoft words, Excel, and PPT office. Also looking for translation jobs. Able to speak 3 languages, English, Japanese, and Tagalog fluently.

Thank you so much for having a glance at my profile. I'm "ararif357" from Bangladesh. As a graduate I have many years of experience writing, researching and proof-reading of academic papers, journals. I am also used to write articles, Blogs, web content and technical writings with maintaining the latest SEO techniques and guidelines containing external links with famous sites. I adapt every topic with equal interest and passion.

Hello Workshift watchers! I'm "hachinamio" and I am now residing in Vietnam. Linguistically, I'm an expert in English writing (Journal, Scientific Paper, Review), translating English, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. Regarding IT, I do software development including VBA/Macro, Delphi, VB6, C#, PHP and more. Artistically I can do designing for the following: logos, web, brochure, Flyer, name card, advertise and more.

Hello Workshifters! I am "Tulinhduong" now residing in France! I have been working 15 years in shoes industry, principally as an inspector/ QC for shoe quality. A part of my jobs, I used to work as inspection coordinator, sales & marketing for 3rd party footwear laboratory, garment inspector, footwear development. Besides Vietnamese, which is my mother language, I speak Chinese fluently (I used to work with Chinese and Taiwanese for 15 years), I got intermediate level in English and French (I am living in France since 3,5 years). I accept all the freelancer jobs.

Hello everyone! I'm "Tuanva" from Vietnam. Please see a summary of my academic and work experience below.
-Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from University of Derby, UK , 2006
- Certified Professional Scrum Master(PSM I) Scrum.org, 2014
- Certified Project Management PMI® Global Standard (PMF) – Institute of Financial Management & Information Technology (PMI R.E.P.) , 2014
- 9 Years experience in Software development, 3 year experience in Project management

Hello Workshift followers! I'm "Thani" from India. I hold a B.Tech in Biotechnology. I am a great writer who always looks for challenges that synthesize cleverness. While I have extensive experience in writing and editing, I also specialize in proofreading. Clients who are interested in pursuing articles/blogs will be happy to note that I am highly familiar with these. In addition, I will be interested to take up those projects which require intensive internet research (lead generation, product research, etc.,).

Hi! I'm Febriyana (username is "4ir489") and I am from Indonesia. I have work experience in planning and implementing SEO on raw / new website (on-page & off-page). I also have professional experience maintaining and monitoring an e-commerce website, and planning for future SEO suitable strategies with/without collaboration with other partners. In addition, I have experience working with several mobile game translation and localization projects (ENG->ID) as well as previous experience conducting data research and data input.