Hello, I'm ”Takamerica”. After graduating from college in the States, I started my career in Chicago as a consultant supporting Japanese clients entering into the market in North America. I also have experience in overseas marketing, specializing in various countries such as the US, UK, Australia, and Myanmar. Through work I have profound knowledge in many areas: manufacturing, mining, overseas education, web media (ad tech), and online services. Over the last decade I have managed to build extensive network and career, which has led me to start as a freelancer in Sydney this year. Please feel free to contact me if you need any local attendance/support in Sydney!Personally I am happy with the prompt and efficient services Workshift provides to both clients and freelancers. I'd like to continue building a good professional rapport with Workshift.

Salam (Hello), I am "Yyusuf" from Malaysia. I am an engineering graduate from Japan and I'm currently working as a mechanical engineer for the Malaysian government. I have experience in sales and marketing, property industry, tourism, cosmetics and beauty, and, of course, engineering. I have creative ways of thinking and love challenging new fields. At Workshift my motto is "Fulfilling your task is my satisfaction". I am enjoying my Workshift experience as I learn lots of new things everyday!

Hi, I'm "orangesherrys" from Taiwan. I'm a professionally trained interpreter/translator (English-Chinese). I received 2 year training in Newcastle University, UK. I worked as an in-house translator/interpreter for 4 years. I'm familiar with IT, Fintech, banking, media and travel industries.

Hi! I'm Amaranta from Mexico! I have a Bachelor Degree in Touristic management. My last job was as a Hotel Manager in Playa del Carmen, México. I also have 2 year experience working in hotels in the South of France. I speak fluently Spanish, English, and French. Likewise I have an intermediate level of Indonesian and I speak a little bit of Italian as well. I'm also a yoga teacher with a 200hr Teachers Training Certificate from Vinyasa Yoga School, Rishikesh, India. I have experience teaching in México, France and recently in Bali, Indonesia. Furthermore, I'm a photographer. I'm passionate about taking photos of travels, landscapes, nature and portraits.

Good day! I'm "chrissyiwa". I have worked as an online English tutor for 3 years, 1 year as sales and marketing professional at Toyota Cebu and ALT in Tokyo. I have very good skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking English. Workshift is a great place via the internet for part time job seekers that can give you chances to work on something that you really like or you can treat like a hobby and get paid for doing so! I got hired to write stuff about what I would normally do at home as a nerd and it actually feels great to be compelled to do the things that I enjoy! and of course, get paid to do it!

Greetings! I'm "Kyontan" a Japanese currently based in Thailand with native English speaking ability (TOEIC 950). My Thai language ability is mid-level, no problem for daily conversation needs. I have worked as the secretary of Japanese and non-Japanese directors at foreign financial institutions and I have studied at interpretation schools and other language academies so I have raised my language skills. I can translate documents and interpret at meetings. I am also good at data entry.

Greetings! I'm "janinadiesta" from the Philippines, an experienced web designer and web developer. I can do websites from designs up until to programming. I can do very innovative Web Designs and can apply it to front-end just exactly like the design with Responsive. I can do a very User Friendly back-end for the users which can help them manage their website with less hassle. I can use Wordpress up to very customized websites. I can also do graphic design such as posters, banners and corporate identities. I assure you that I can produce high quality websites in Responsive with a very good design. I'm very attentive to details and will suggest which can help you/your website. I'm always available please feel free to contact me anytime.

Hi everyone! I'm Mu-shin from Taiwan! I have work experience in multi-media, marketing, and design related businesses and attended school in Tokyo for one year. On Workshift I was quickly able to communicate and found it to be very convenient to use. I have done Japanese and traditional Chinese translation jobs as well as a writing jobs on the Workshift site. Going forward I hope to challenge other jobs where I can use my Japanese/Chinese translation skills, editing, blogging, and social media skills. I look forward to working with you!

Hello! I'm "jiyuulife" from Thailand. I’ve been working for a publishing company that wishes to be a bridge between Thailand and Japan, with the intention of providing opportunity for Thai people to learn and experience new aspects of Japan through the content of its free paper. At this company I assist in the development of a content strategy, collaborate with the corporate creative team to develop copy for a variety of marketing projects, and prepare presentations and marketing materials.Besides the publishing business, I am also responsible for assisting Japanese government organizations to get a booth and advertise about tourism in several regions of Japan. I have frequent experience as an interpreter for them as well.

Hi, my name is Teoh Wan Qi from Malaysia. My username is "CaiusRyuumi". I am currently self-studying and taking JPLT exams to enhance my Japanese language ability. I am a native speaker of both Chinese and English. I think that Workshift has provided me with a huge opportunity to allow me to explore the world outside my own country. I learned of Workshift through its Facebook page promotion so I believe Workshift has good marketing skills. Therefore, I do think that Workshift can build more opportunities for freelancers around the world. Thank you.

Hello, I am Elisa! I am a Japanese/English/French/German/Chinese translator based in Paris, France. I was a student at Free University of Berlin (Germany) and at University of British Columbia (Canada) for Japanese and German studies. Workshift is a very useful tool to enhance my portfolio in translating, and I highly recommend it to other translators as well. The staff and companies at Workshift are very friendly and helpful. There are definitely a variety of documents to translate, from blog posts to product information, so it always keeps things fresh and interesting when working with the companies.