Dear Workshift users, I’m “mcooke” from the UK. I consider myself to be professional, straight-forward and user friendly; Workshift provides new opportunities for my broadcasting, journalistic and writing skills to be promoted to, and appreciated by, a wide variety of new clients. My first experience of Japan was at the age 18 as a young fashion model. That experience allowed me to sample the culture, kindness and hospitality of this part of the world, and now I am lucky to be able to reacquaint myself once again. I work for several British TV Channels and I am one of the presenters on some TV programs. I also work as a producer and development exec and write articles and novels for online and offline publishing.

Hello! I’m “Kimdo” a native English speaker with 10+ years of international writing and marketing experience. I previously spent 4 years in Kyoto, Japan, as an English instructor. There I started my own personal webpage about the beautiful Japanese culture and living abroad. To date, my writing jobs have run the entire gamut--from digital content creation for travel to technical writing on policy. I’m currently working in Berlin, Germany, as an Editor and Content Manager. My experience is in online and email marketing, so I employ marketing strategies to creating relevant, intuitive content to optimize traffic and sales. I also freelance as an editor and proofreader, and have completed large scale projects in education, and scientific and academic publication. Workshift is a great way for me to gain more high-quality clients and to share my skills in the process. It’s also a wonderful way for me to keep a professional network in Japan.

Hello! I'm Wang Fangqing (Frances Wang) and my Workshift username is "Franceswang". I am a business reporter in Shanghai. I write in English across industries primarily in China, and sometimes Japan, for B2B websites in the UK and the US. I also supply content in Chinese on Chinese social networks for companies who wish to establish a relationship with their Chinese target audience. Born in Shanghai, I'm trilingual having majored in Japanese and public relations.

Greetings from Shanghai, China! I'm "Oliviayy" and I'm a freelance Chinese-English-Cantonese interpreter (simultaneous/consecutive). I hold a Masters degree in Interpreting and Translation from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom.

Hi everyone! I'm "Shimmy" from Taiwan. My parents are from Taiwan but I grew up in Japan and went to school there all the way through high school. Then I moved to Taiwan and completed college there. I grew up speaking Chinese at home so if you have any Japanese/Chinese translation work please allow me to take care of it! Also, I spent a year in America as a high school student so I am good at English as well! If you are a client in Japan, I can coordinate your business trip when you come to Taiwan for business. I can research information for you and also guide you to your business destinations.

Hi! I'm "Chanank" from Thailand! My professional experience includes working as a consultant at a Japanese consulting company. I am a native Thai speaker and I am fluent in English. Among my skills are communication, research, feasibility studies, project management, and event organizing. Workshift provides me with new opportunities to work on different things that I have never done before with different employees, which also allows me to know other people from different industries. Thanks a lot Workshift!

Hi! My username on Workshift is "buri". I'm a trilingual American living in Shanghai, China after four years experience as a public servant in Japan. I'm creative, and possess translation skills. Having studied both Japanese and Mandarin I was eager to find a way to use both my areas of expertise and Workshift provides for me an ongoing professional connection to Japan.

Hello! I'm "BaileyS". I am a university student from Australia and a native English speaker who has both studying and working experience overseas in Japan. I am always on my pursuit of further knowledge in Japanese and of the beautiful country of Japan! Discovering Workshift opened my eyes to the freelancing community in Japan and companies in Japan that are looking for freelancers to fulfill jobs for themselves. Finding work as a freelancer can be a daunting task, and one that requires a lot of dedication and time to just finding work. Workshift helps with the process, and offers a platform that allows for connecting with international businesses. This offers a rare look into the Japanese business market, it opens up doors that weren't otherwise available. I found Workshift while I was still a University student. I am now moving into full-time work, but freelancing with Workshift is still as easy as it was on day one!

Hi, I'm "bangtran365" from Vietnam. I am a web developer, front end developer, software developer, C# developer, Java developer, Photoshop designer, HTML5, CSS, JavaScripts, Matlab, and .Net Developer. Moreover I am also a professional English-Vietnamese translator/interpreter. Regarding Workshift, I am impressed with your service. The employer responses are very quick and the system is quite convenient to use.

Hello, my name is Jihan Kim, my username is "jkim". I'm a full-time freelance translator in Korea. I was born and raised in Korea until I was 12, then moved to the US and lived in California until I graduated from Pepperdine University in California. I now reside in Korea after earning my degree in Psychology, therefore I can assure you that I have an in-depth context understanding of both cultures. In the past, I have translated a variety of contents from professional research reports to personal business letters. With a variety of experience, I can provide more natural, context suitable, and culturally fit translation. I hope to have a chance to work with you and hope to hear from you as well. Workshift is a great platform for freelancers worldwide. Even though the platform runs mainly Japanese, the translation tool and the services allow smooth communication. The clients are always respectful and delightful to work with. I would highly recommend Workshift to any freelancers out there. Thank you.