Good day everyone! My workshift username is "ladygaga" and I'm from Thailand! I graduated master degree in English from Thammasat University and Bachelor degree in Japanese from Rajamangala University. Currently, working as an executive secretary/ personal assistant for CEO in Bangkok. For me, Workshift enables me to be free to choose the job I specialize in. I can handle time management well and receive good income.

Good day! I'm "Ekaterina" from Russia. I graduated from Moscow State University (Institute of African and Asian Studies) with major in Japanese language, English and economics. After spending a year in Japan as an exchange student, I started working closely with Japanese community in Moscow: Embassy of Japan (Japanese school in Moscow), Japanese-Russian joint ventures and other international business with Japan, Europe, USA. I have wide experience (more than 10 years) in translating, interpreting and developing business with foreign companies.

Hello! I'm "maicheung" from Hong Kong! I am a translator and interpreter. A native of Cantonese, I can also have professional proficiency in Mandarin and Japanese. I have passed N1 level of Japanese and have conducted simultaneous interpretation for Japanese artists and others from the fashion industry on stage and at exhibitions. My Japanese is fluent given my many opportunities to speak with Japanese people. I attended design school in Hong Kong and majored in visual communications. I am currently freelancing in graphic design and illustration. Workshift always let me contact with the world, Many Thanks for Workshift!

Greetings Workshift users! I'm "gazwjb1" from the United Kingdom. A recent graduate of a BA (Hons) in Tourism Management, I have work experience in teaching, financial, telecommunications, energy and service industries. I have effective leadership, organizational and communication skills, with high levels of energy. I have knowledge of strategic management perspectives,sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation and policy and planning. I have excellent independent research skills and web promotion ideas.

Hi everyone! I'm Sheila! Workshift username is "sheilaryanhara". With a JLPT 1 qualification, I read and understand general Japanese. As a generalist, I take each job as it comes, hoping to learn something new! My experience with Workshift has been an overwhelmingly positive one. I've just started working here in the past month or so, but I've met many nice clients and the support has been great as I learn the ropes of online outsourcing. The escrow device ensures prompt payment, too. I'm looking forward to meeting more clients and doing more work with Workshift Solutions in the near future!

Hello Workshift users! I'm "mimizuku" from Japan currently living in Korea. I do translation from KoreanJapanese translation as a freelancer. I teach Japanese at a Korean elementary school where I look after international kids. I can do web search and research projects for you in Korean. Regarding my impressions of Workshift, the users represent so many nationalities that it feels that this is a global stage! I feel that I may meet someone who needs my skills and it could become part of a large project!

Hello! I'm Fransisca from Indonesia. My Workshift username is "siscazzz". Workshift is very easy to use. It's bilingual marketplace service (English-Japanese). I'm really happy to join the freelancer community at Workshift. I'm sure Workshift will grow bigger as "working at home" becomes more and more popular everywhere. My specialization is design of reinforced concrete (RC) structures, steel structures, and steel reinforced concrete (SRC) structures. I hold a Masters degree (M.Sc.) from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taipei, Taiwan. I also have experience in the following areas: translation (English-Indonesian and vice versa), academic/article/blog writing, proofreading. Thanks Workshift!

Hello! My name is Vagner from Brazil and my username on Workshift is "vshimamoto". I moved to Japan in 2004. I have experience creating logos, making banners, magazines, web-sites and videos. I've been working since 2007 in a graphic design studio in Japan ( and Workshift is a great web-site for freelancers who are looking for job opportunities and want to build a nice network with other freelance workers, and also for clients who are looking for a creative and reliable freelancer in Asia or any part of the world. I'm really enjoying being part of this community. In the Workshift web-site you can find a large variety of professionals who will be really helpful for your next project!

Hi! I'm "massZERO" from the Philippines. I specialize in doing Search Engine Optimization, Wordpress, Solid Desktop Hardware & Software troubleshooting skills, Social Media and any Internet Marketing activities. I've work in a BPO company as a Technical Support Representative / Customer Service Representative, so I can assure you I will be your top notch and reliable virtual assistant. One thing I an say about Workshift is that it gives a lot of opportunities for us freelancers.

Greetings Workshift users! My user name is "yuika1995". I am a junior student at the University of California, San Diego, US, and my major is math-computer science. I also minor in Japanese and Economics. My skills include: Java, C++, C, SPARC assembly, PHP, HTML, CSS, fuelPHP. Languages: Chinese (Native); English (Fluent); Japanese (Advanced)