Hello!, I'm "Cifer69" from the Philippines. I'm an expert freelance programmer, web designer and developer, professional researcher, SEO Expert, Social Media Marketer and amateur design artist. In computer programming I have mastery of 3 computer languages (VB.Net, C#, Python) and adept to most computer languages (Since 2008). I am also knowledgeable in database administration in MS SQL and MY SQL (Since 2010). Moreover, I am also a web designer and developer (Since 2010), an expert in SEO and Social Media Marketing (Since 2012). In addition, I'm a professional researcher within a wide range of fields and an amateur design artist doing some art on the side.

Hi, I am Agnes from Hong Kong and my Workshift name is "agu666". I am really glad that I can find Workshift as a platform to share my skills with people all around the world, I am really excited to come across job offers from different nations and industries. Workshift really broadens my world and strengthens my skills, I can't wait to face all kinds of new challenges.

Hello, I am "dyne", a freelance Translator, Interpreter, and Liaison Officer based in Indonesia. I have been working in Japanese companies and using both Japanese and English constantly for both for work and daily matters. I often work in Japan pop culture related events, as an Interpreter and Liaison Officer, for PR, assisting guests, translating Japanese-English, Japanese-Bahasa (Indonesian), and vice versa. I also teach Bahasa and English for Japanese expatriates, who are residing in Indonesia. I am glad that I signed up for Workshift. It was recommended by one of my college friends and I find it very efficient for both freelancers and clients. I appreciate the opportunities to have new experiences, broaden my networking circle and expand my knowledge. I would like to continue at Workshift and build professional good rapport with Workshift.

Hello, my name is Liana Puspita, I am an Indonesian. My Workshift user name is "Lilphut". I think Workshift is an very useful place for people who want to find a job and get experience in their passion. It connects people around the world, and gives them a chance to work with anybody around the world. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Surabaya, Indonesia. Now, I am working at the manufacturing factory as a graphic designer, and still accept jobs as freelancer. I am capable in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

Hello, I'm "yudaikun" from Indonesia. I'm an engineering polyglot who's eager to do a various kinds of jobs worldwide especially jobs related to my language skill, Japanese, which is the current developing language for me. Workshift can open various doors to many jobs provided worldwide. I seek those jobs that match my skills and that are tremendously challenging. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering and have passed Japanese N2 level.

Hello! I'm "nguyenquankhai" from Vietnam. I manage operation work for a wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 141,000m3/day. I also manage studies of environmental technology and waste treatment for the Company as well as manage and set up the training center for the company and develop training programs related to wastewater.

Hi everyone! I'm "NaokiOkai" currently based in the USA. I'm a real estate professional with 15 years’ experience in residential/commercial brokerage, investment evaluation, marketing strategies, negotiations, client relations. I have native fluency in both English and Japanese. Conducted business in both languages, with responsibilities including translation and interpretation. Interpretation work as a travel consultant at a major tour operator in the States and translation work creating Japanese/English subtitles at a leading technical solutions company to the entertainment industry. A job platform such as Workshift will lead the way in how we work in the future, connecting talented individuals with entities all across the globe. In my opinion this is a game-changer, ‎an essential resource to hire specific skilled personnel on a project basis, and for the professional to create a career without borders.

I'm "Emeraldwoods". After graduating from college I worked vigorously both day and night for 5 years at a governmental organization. I then realized that the time a woman could put oneself first and focus on work was until she gave childbirth. It was almost impossible to juggle travelling for numerous business trips throughout the year, working abroad, and raising children. One day an acquaintance who was few years above me at school recommended me to register with Workshift. That was the moment I started contemplating a lifestyle that involved "working regardless of one's location". I soon took on an editing job of Japanese documentation and some simple Japanese ⇔ English translation work. As a result, I have started to think that working as a freelancer is something I would strongly consider when given choice in life. So long as you have a laptop computer and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world. And that would open door of infinite work opportunities for women and mothers with small children. By ditching the stereotype concept of "working involves commuting to a workplace", you can adapt your workstyle to your current status and life stage. I hope many people would come to realize that there are varieties in working lifestyle and means of gaining income.I was impressed by the extremely polite and professional attitude the member of Workshift had demonstrated whenever I asked questions in relation to the jobs I was offered. Not only the care and attentiveness they showed to the clients but also to us freelancers were second to none.

Hi everyone! I'm "Yimin", a freelance translator based out of Singapore, mainly specializing in Japanese to English translations. I am a native English user who had graduated from University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and have been working in Japanese companies with constant exposure to Japanese and Japanese-to-English tasks. I also have experience in photo-editing and I am able to use Photoshop and Lightroom. I signed up for Workshift in order to broaden my experiences and to learn new things, and am very happy with the efficient and reliable services that Workshift provides. Thank you for the opportunities and exposure, and it would be my pleasure to continue building a good rapport with Workshift.