Hi! My name is Alfredo. My Workshift username is "arufuredu". I'm a political science student in Lima, Peru. Efficiency, dedication and professional ethic are what define my style of work. I have experience in transcriptions from audio to text for students of journalism, anthropology and other fields who required interviews or audio recording. I think Workshift has really hit the spot because we now live in a world with no boundaries and fast connections due to even faster technology development. Employers and employees can now go beyond their national boundaries and cooperate in a way they could never do before.

Hi everyone! This is Dita from Indonesia, my Workshift username is "alexandradita". I am majoring in Indonesian Language and Literature and currently I am studying Japanese by myself :) For about 4 years, I have been working as market researcher; and done some translations (Indonesian to English, English to Indonesian) as freelancer. Workshift surely help me to widen my experience and knowledge in tailoring some reports Indonesian industries and products. It connected me with Japanese clients in a safe and friendly way!"

イGreetings everyone! I'm "hasdung" from Indonesia! I'm Experienced in translating Japanese/English/Indonesian documents since my studies at Waseda University and also at my previous work at BCA, one of the largest banks in Indonesia. My skills include Bahasa language of Indonesia (Native Level), English (Native Level) and Japanese (Business proficiency). My impression of Workshift has been great! I can work from where I am, and it gives me opportunities to use the skills I acquired while I lived and studied in Japan!

Hello Workshift readers! I'm Chih Ning from Taiwan. My Workshift username is "chihning8901". I'm from Takao city in southern Taiwan. I am a Chinese/Japanese translator but in fact I did not major in Japanese at school I learned most of my Japanese on my own at home by watching Japanese programs on TV! I was totally enamored with those TV shows and that was my motivation to learn Japanese! I loved the culture and the beautiful sound of Japanese and over time I picked up the language. I became familiar with the characters and the thrill of understanding the language brought me so much joy. Best of all, that I can now share this skill and connect with people all around the world is just such a wonderful thing! My regular job has a shift schedule but I can now fill my non-shift schedule with projects from Workshift and make better use of my time! In this way I can use my time more effectively and also improve my skills! I look forward to more time working on Workshift!

Hi! I am Tomoyo from Japan. My Workshift username is "TomoyoN". Thank you Workshift for giving me a wonderful opportunity! It is amazing that I can act as a go-between for Japan and other countries using my skills regardless of where I live! I used to live in the UK for 7 years as a complementary therapist and lecturer for supporting ones body, mind and spiritual state. I also have work experience in retail and the property agency field. I have high standards of hospitality and flexibility. I have recently returned to Japan.

Hello from Indonesia! I'm "nandart" a Graphic arts / Web Designer with over ten tears of hands on experience in Print and Interactive Media. The result is a mix of exiting and successful communication campaigns for a wide range of clients. My impression about Workshift is that it is a company that provides employment opportunities to many people like me. Hopefully in the future Workshift be bigger and better. And provide a lot of jobs for me.

Hi everyone! I'm "agustinagrossi" from Argentina, now based in Switzerland. I have an international & multicultural profile. I am a skilled writer with excellent networking skills in 6 languages.(English, French and Spanish as my mother tongues, as well as Portuguese, Italian, and German). Workshift is a good connecting platform, as the needs to push for internationalization have never been so strong and online freelance work can be a powerful tool in that perspective.

Hi, My name is Rico, from Hong Kong. My Workshift username is "ricopoon". it is really great to meet Workshift, and work here as a freelancer. I have passed the N1 level in Japanese and love Japanese culture a lot. Here, Workshift gives me a chance to work as a proofreader, translator, and writer in Japanese, Chinese and English. It is really a pleasure to work for my interests. Workshift is an excellent platform for freelancers to connect with clients. I Hope that I can meet you, a person who wants to find freelancers.

Hi, my name is Kurbonali from Tajikistan and I am a Freelancer at Workshift with the account name "said6565". Since I have registered an account under Workshift, I found it an interesting platform where we can share our skills, find jobs, and post jobs. Workshift gives us an opportunity to work online with different companies and nations all over the world. Besides, Workshift really broadens my experience and strengthens my skills. Thanks to the Workshift team and their efforts!!

Greetings! I'm "Gabrielleward"! I am available for editing, proofreading, and content creation across a range of media. I am a native English speaker from Australia, and have degrees in Law and Arts. Workshift is an excellent platform for freelancers to connect with clients. I really enjoy the ease of finding clients, managing jobs, and receiving payment.