Hello everyone! My name is Salla and I am a Finnish filmmaker graduated from Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I have mainly directed, edited and written short films. The films have been screened around the world in various film festivals. I have intermediate skills in speaking Japanese as I have studied in Japanese language school in Tokyo and been an exchange student in an art university in Kyoto. Last autumn I did an internship in media and marketing field in Jaipur, India. There I made short videos independently for marketing purposes.

Hello everyone! I'm Louise Cazel from Brazil. I have a post graduate degree in Marketing and Management from ESPM and a Translation degree recognized by ATA and ABRATES (U.S. and Brazil Translators Association respectively). As a professional and as a person, I'm responsible, adaptable, determined, detail-oriented, creative and open-minded. Experienced in promoting new ideas, researching, writing, learning new things and working on teams composed of people with different cultures and backgrounds.

Hello everyone! My name is Vedha from India, and I have been studying Japanese for the past four years. I currently work as a freelance Japanese language interpreter and translator. I have five years of experience in working for advertising agencies. I was in the client servicing department and handling branding, customer communication and consumer communication, research and media. I am new to Workshift but through Workshift I hope to use my Japanese language ability working online with Japanese companies.

Hello everyone, I am Roy Veloso and I am a Web Developer by profession. I have expertise in PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, Laravel Framework, MySQL, and Twitter Bootstrap. I have been involved in the technical and graphical aspects of websites as well as the maintenance and updating of existing websites. At night I watch anime and read about Japanese culture and society. That's when I found out about Workshift, they made the freelancer's job easier to work with our Japanese counterparts. They have built bridges to help both the Filipinos and Japanese nationals exchange their talent for the betterment not only to their respective countries but also the world.


Hi everyone! I'm Khin Thet Swe from Yangon, Myanmar. I graduated from the University of Medicine in Yangon. Following my medical schooling I worked with the management of health related projects negotiating between an overseas donor country and the Myanmar government. I enjoy writing blogs and articles about Myanmar's culture, tourist attraction places, education and about must know things in Myanmar. I also have experience translating articles from Burmese to English. I look forward to winning English/Burmese translation assignments with Workshift.

Introducing Sinthuchol Thatchakorn from Thailand. Sinthuchol, has translated professionally from Japanese into Thai. Most recently he has translated 3 light novels by Suzuki Daisuke, Ishibumi Ichiei, and Senri Akatsuki. He also enjoys importing Japanese sub-culture products and reselling them online. He is also a language instructor, teaching the Thai language to Japanese students at a Thai language school. His first job with Workshift was translating a Japanese manga into Thai.

Hello everyone! I'm Evelyn from Indonesia. I am a hard worker, have strong will, and always have positive thinking. I started learning Japanese because of my hobby so I chose to study Japanese Literature at college. In addition, I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 last year. I have never taken TOEIC test or other english proficiency tests, but I have confidence in my English skills. My most recent work experience was translating a Japanese manga into the Indonesian language.


Hello everyone! My name is Steffani Yu. I'm a professional graphic artist. My skills include web design, illustration, logos, icons, characters, web banners and more. At my day job I design promotional materials for my company. I'm new to Workshift, having just joined in October, but already I have applied to some jobs and I am hoping to gain "freelance experience" and improve my skills for the business world. So far, Workshift has been an exciting place to work and dream!


Hi everyone. My name is Merche Moreno and I am a freelance illustrator living in Barcelona, Spain, but I love to work worldwide. After graduating from college, I worked on animation movies, advertisement companies and even worked at a children's book store. Surrounded by books I decided to illustrate my own book and post-graduated in Illustration for Children and Young Books. My favorite quote is "A creative adult is a child who survived". I love dogs, animation films and dark chocolate. Also, I have been trying to learn Japanese for years and I have not give up yet!

Hello! My name is Glenne Love and I'm a multimedia artist. I specialize in illustration (traditional and digital) and graphic design. Currently, I am studying Japanese language in hopes of pursuing a career in Japan. My interests involve anything that is related to the arts like painting and drawing, listening to music, playing games, watching movies and traveling. A friend recommended me Workshift and I thought that I should give it a try. I'm fairly new to Workshift, but I am happy to be a part of it, indeed! Workshift gives me opportunities to learn and to grow as an artist.