Hi everyone! I'm "Kaosuaylunla" from Thailand! I'm a full-time digital marketer for RS Public Company Limited and also a full-time mother! Being a blogger is just my part-time job but before working full-time I'm the invincible freelancer executive for many types of jobs! I never thought that I'd be able to earn JPY (Japanese yen) through an online platform before! Thank you Workshift for broadening my horizons!

Dear all, I'm Szu-Wei (account: birdweifu) from Taiwan. I am a English-Chinese/ Japanese-Chinese translator. I have been working as a translator for 2 years after getting a degree in Translation Studies. My main job is translating news articles, but I am willing to challenge different kinds of translations and improve myself.

Hello, I'm Rosh. I am a Business student at Webster University, a reputed American University. I am also working as an International Marketing Executive at a hospital. I am currently planning to relocate to Japan after my graduation in May 2017. WorkShift has hugely helped me. I especially like its intuitive design and prompt client support. I definitely look forward to utilize WorkShift. It is a great platform for foreigners to work with Japanese firms, even with little Japanese language proficiency. Many of the gigs on WorkShift require skills that I have such as IT services, content writing and marketing tasks.

I am Ho Uyen, (username: houyentt) a Vietnamese with a master’s degree from Nagoya University, Japan. Workshift provides an excellent platform that connects Japanese clients and freelancers from many countries. Through this platform I have the opportunity to work with Japan’s prestigious companies, develop my network and strengthen my connection with Japanese people and culture. Through the jobs with them, I also can learn and explore more things about Japan, which is so enjoyable. With a user-friendly interface and outstanding functionality, Workshift makes it possible for freelancers to smoothly apply for jobs, manage the jobs they have applied for or are working on, and earn some payments. I am looking forward to utilising it more.

Hi! I'm "renovung" from the UK! I specialise in copywriting, content creation for social media campaigns, company profile and websites, and creative marketing proposals. Workshift is an ideal portal for freelance writers who are looking for exciting opportunities to showcase their abilities and simultaneously learn fascinating topics about Japan and Japanese culture. This exposure and cultural immersions are possible because Workshift has an eclectic list of Japanese clients who belongs to an array of sectors from top universities in Japan to local entertainment and television channels. I am happy with Workshift and the prompt and efficient services it provides to both clients and freelancers. I look forward to continuing this productive alliance with Workshift.

Greetings everyone! I'm "thuytien" from Vietnam! Thanks to Workshift, I have opportunities to contact and work directly with prestigious and reliable corporate clients in Japan. Workshift provides simple, user-friendly interface and supportive, two-way communication platform which proves to be a greatly beneficial work channel for foreign freelancers like me. I have been a Vietnamese professional translator for over 5 years. My areas of expertise are business, IT, education, law, food safety, construction, tourism, marketing, and others. I take great pride in service quality with high attention to detail, accuracy and punctuality.

Hello, I'm "oeyring" from Tennessee, USA, a freelance translator based out of Nashville. Workshift provides a smooth and easy to use platform for both freelancers and clients! I have been very happy with the opportunities I have had to work with Japanese clients and to showcase my translation skills. I look forward to continuing to use Workshift in the future! To summarise my profile, I'm a diligent worker who completes tasks in a timely manner, and a native speaker of English with exceptional grammar skills and a talent for localisation. I have experience living in Japan and I graduated with a 4.0 with a degree in Japanese. I would be happy to offer my expertise to your translation projects!

Dear friends, I'm "Urfin" from Ukraine and I`d like to recommend Workshift to everyone who wants to meet creative people and real customers. I have won 3 projects here on Workshift and got payment already. I am a professional designer (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc.), a generator of creative ideas in different design jobs with more than 20 years of experience. As an artist I do both free hand graphics and PC graphics. I have much experience in the following area: logotypes, graphic manuals, artwork for magazines, outdoors, packaging and Pre-press. I was educated at the National Aviation University in Kiev, Kiev Art School. I hope for future cooperation with you!

Dear Workshift users, I'm Yukiko currently residing in Taiwan. My Workshift username is "joyelove". I experienced one year as an exchange student in Japan and afterward spent one year there on a working holiday. I am now employed at the overseas wedding promotion department of an overseas wedding company in Taiwan. I have experience working for 5 years in Taiwan and Japan as a Japanese/Chinese speaking MC and reporter. I also have a travel and gourmet blog that I write. I would be delighted to work with you online with Workshift.

I'm "Hanakimi" (username) from the Philippines. As a Workshift freelancer, I am happy and satisfied with the Workshift platform, its interface and customer support. The platform helps me to easily connect with Japanese companies when applying for work projects and competitions. It opens the door to job opportunities that also helps me in my professional growth and learning. It is easy to send and receive messages from clients for feedback. Getting paid for completed work was never a problem. For any concern or issue, asking for help from Workshift's Customer Support was also easy because they are very professional, accommodating, quick to respond to messages and solve problems immediately.

Dear Workshift users! I am "mingsy", a Singaporean who had lived and worked in China for 3 years. I have worked with Japanese suppliers of various products for nearly 10 years, so I can understand Japanese business.I have intermediate level Japanese and specialise in doing translations for Japanese products from Japanese to English. I have done thousands of product translations from foods, electronic appliances to household products. Clients purpose of translation include e-commerce websites, in-house sales documents and retail store listings. Workshift is a great platform to link Japanese companies to different markets and freelancers who are able to help Japanese companies effectively and efficiently. Workshift is a reliable partner for both companies and freelancers alike!"