Hello everyone! My name is Joanmagale! I have a Bachelors degree in Accountancy from the University of Mindanao. My first job was in 2011 at the Department of Social Work and Development, as a Municipal Roving Bookkeeper! After that I have worked as an English teacher at the Nakhon Phanom Wittayakom School. Right now I work at the Siam computer and language center as a English, Science and Math teacher!

Hello! I'm "ykasamaki". Born in Japan but have been living in Brazil for the past 15 years. If you need legal advice, assistance setting up a company, or coaching on business customs in Brazil please contact me. On three occasions in the past I have experienced setting up accounting , tax, and legal organizations and subsidiaries for large firms, including Japanese firms. I am fluent in portuguese and Japanese.

Hello everyone, my name is YeeLee Tan and my username is ""tanyeelee101090""! I am a Chinese-English translator from Malaysia. My background is mechanical & manufacturing engineering. I took my course in English language & have been well conversed in English language for more than 8 years. My related experience is being business interpreter and translator for a few public listed companies in Malaysia and China. I have done translation for business, marketing, engineering and construction.

視覺傳達技術士丙級(Technician Certificate, Republic of China, Visual Communication Design class C) Level 1 Rhinoceros Training Course 2015 新一代設計展 包裝設計類 金點新秀入圍獎(YOUNG PIN DESIGN AWARD, Package Design, YOUNG PIN NOMINATION) JLPT 日本語能力試験 N1 JLPT 日本語能力試験 N2

Hello, my name is Ba Oo. I am from Myanmar. My Workshift username is "sayaba". I am a Photographer and also Photojournalist. I hold a bachelor degree in Physics from Yadanarbon University, Mandalay, MYANMAR. I am currently working at a media company and still accept jobs as freelancer. I enjoy shooting Photo and post-production using Photoshop. I am especially skilled at Documentary, Travel and Landscape Photography.

Hello Workshift users! My name is Ilham and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love to draw cute, colorful and funny characters. I can draw in any style too.. pixel art, caricatures, children's books and more. I can produce High quality pixel art that can be used for printing purposes. I also can make pixel art for game needs, like sprite sheet character movement, or .gif pixel art animation. Please feel free to contact me if you need my skills.

Hello, my name is Liana Puspita and I am from Indonesia. My Workshift username is "lilphut". I am a professional graphic designer and I hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Surabaya, Indonesia. I am currently working at a manufacturing plant and still accept jobs as freelancer. I enjoy drawing and design using Photoshop and Illustrator. I am especially skilled at character design.

Hello, my name is Sangyun Shim and I am from Seoul, Korea. I graduated Myungduk Foreign Language High School which specializes in English and other foreign language education. Currently I am an undergraduate student at Yonsei University. I worked as a freelance English to Korean translator with a researcher from graduate school of Politics. Plus, I worked for Korea Broadcasting Engineers and Technicians Association.

Hello Workshift users! I'm "Donjee" from Thailand. I am a professional at arranging meetings with Thai importers and investors and creating proposals for them that match their business needs. I have coordinated work between Thai buyers and foreign companies. I can also do B2B market search, and I have good presentation skills. My language skills are: English, Thai, Japanese (level 3), Korean (Beginner), and Chinese (Beginner).

Hello my fellow workshifters. I’m mey285 an Indonesian with over 20 years of experience in secretarial duties, market research, training, administration, personal assistant and event management. Familiar with Microsoft office especially with PowerPoint and Word.I am also a translator with expertise on English to Bahasa Indonesia. I am also experienced in many aspects of a project.