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Home Page Development
Landing Page Development
Templete Customize(Wordpress、Movabletype etc.)
Web Design
Other Web and Mobile Development
Game Development
Software Development
Database Development and Administration
Enterprise System Development
Test and Debugging
Logo Design
Illustration Design
Character Design
Icon Design
Banner Design
Name Card Design
Envelope, Postcard Design
Flyer, Brochure, and Catalog Design
Poster Design
Label Design
Package Design
Signboard Design
T-shirts Design
Advertising and Public Relations
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEM - Search Engine Optimization
SMM - Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Market Research and Surveys
Web Search
Questionnaire and Research
Data Entry
Web Page Development
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Professional Experience

Expert Freelance Programmer, Web Designer and Developer, Professional Researcher, SEO Expert, Social Media Marketer, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Amateur Design Artist
I am an Expert Computer Programmer with mastery in 3 computer languages (VB.Net, C#, Python) and adept to most computer languages (Since 2008).
I am also knowledgeable in database administration in MS SQL and MY SQL (Since 2010).
I am also a Web Designer and Developer (Since 2010).
I am also an Expert in SEO and Social Media Marketing (Since 2012)
I am also adept in Inbound and Outbound Marketing (Since 2012)
I am also have knowledge of Email Marketing (Since 2013)
I am also a Professional Researcher within a wide range of fields.
I am also an Amateur Design Artist doing some art at the side.