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This is a project in which 6 people living abroad serve as Tochigi Prefecture's official "Tochigi Ambassadors" for one year to promote the attractions of Tochigi Prefecture.
Products of Tochigi prefecture!
Junmai Tentaka "Organic"
Brewed by hand using only organic rice grown by contract farmers in Tochigi and water. It is one of the very few organic sake in Japan. It has a gentle mouthfeel, soft sourness and a flavorful umami. This sake has been certified organic in Japan, the US, and the EU, and is also vegan certified.
Sohomare Sake
Sohomare Sake has been owned and operated by the Kono family since its founding in 1872 and is a prominent boutique sake brewery in the Tochigi region of Japan. For five generations the Kono family as devoted itself to the art of creating a truly traditional sake. To sake connoisseurs all over the world, Sohomare Sake humbly invites you to learn and taste that tradition.
Japanese Sake "SAWAHIME"
Founded in 1868. The "Sawa Hime" series of sake is brewed using 100% Tochigi grown rice as the raw material, and has won the championship at the world's largest international sake competition.
Oyama Gion Jo
A traditional Junmai Ginjo-shu made in a brewery designated as a national tangible cultural property. This is an all-round sake that is suitable for a wide range of tastes. It has a rich, umami taste, so it is best to enjoy it with a meal.
We use underground water from the Kinugawa River, which is refined by the rich nature of Tochigi, and focus on bringing out the flavor of the rice to the maximum. Enjoy the soft mouthfeel and clear, crisp taste that only pure rice and soft water brewing can provide.
Sanran Ginjo
It has a delicate and incredibly full aroma. The sharp and crisp flavor spreads in the mouth, and the clean aftertaste makes it easy to drink.
Dessert Pickles ~ Butternuts Squash~
Pickles made from seasonal butternut squash, cooked with organic pure rice vinegar, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic lemon juice. Using as little sugar as possible, fruity flavor with sweetness of dried fruits. Goes perfectly with cream cheese!
Pickled Veggie 3 kinds in the Giftbox
This 3-bottle giftbox includes carrot pickles made with organic white wine for adults, fruity lemonade carrot rape, and dessert pickles. Dessert pickles are available in your choice of butternut squash or carrot.
Gluten-Free Japanese All Purpose Rice Flour, 450g
Rice flour for multi-purpose made from 100% Japanese rice. It makes fried foods crispy and can also be used for baked sweets such as cookies.
Gluten-Free Japanese Baking Rice Flour, 450g
Gluten-free rice flour for home-baked bread made from Japanese rice. You can make an excellent rice flour bread that has a fluffy texture with a touch of chewiness.
Delicious Japanese pickled vegetables
Manufacturing and sales of processed pickles and prepared foods made from 100% Japanese vegetables. Started export business with the goal of spreading safe and secure Japanese pickles and prepared foods to overseas markets.
Organic very small grain natto 3P
Natto made from organic soybeans grown in the USA. (USDA Organic)
Natto is soaked in Tochigi Prefecture's groundwater, which has an excellent mineral balance, and carefully made using the traditional methods of 70 years of natto production.
Our manufacturing plant is FSSC22000 certified. Organic)
Ice cream with the family
Mini Soft is a multi-pack of six pieces containing three flavors. Recommended for families or large gatherings. The Ramune Ice Bar is inspired by the Ramune soda that is becoming popular overseas. It is perfect for when you want to refresh yourself.
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