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【Word Check for English(United States)】 Negative meaning check


ステータス: 業務終了


ビジネス・営業・マーケティング >> 営業・マーケティング >> 調査・分析

仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 3,000円~10,000円未満
掲載日 2018-03-12 19:45:31 掲載期限 2018-03-18
オプション : 本人確認書類登録済みを提案条件とする

We would like you to conduct a simple research and see if there are 1)funny 2)negative nuisances(include the names that may possibly violate public order and morals)
on 5 names we'll bring you forward.Let you explain application requirements and research method (how to check) below.

[Application requirements]
1)Lives in United States
2)Being native in English language

[research method]
1)Impression at the first glimpse
2)Dictionary look up
3)Search engine look up (Google, yahoo, bing etc).

Maybe it should take you around 5 minutes per name.

We would like you to deliver us the check results written down in japanese or english in the excel sheet we will provide you as soon as
we place our order along with the names we would like you to check.

The request payment will be 3,000JPY per 5 names. (30USD Aprox.)

Delivery date:2018/03/23
Delivery form:Please fill in the necessary information and deliver the attached Excel.

■ Caution · Prohibited items: Acts of leaking work contents to third parties

【2018-03-13 21:45:29追記】
We will change the application conditions as follows.

[Application requirements]
1)Lives in US or those who have lived in US for over 10 years
2)Being native in English language

Request_details_delivery format_20180312.xlsx


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