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Write 5 selection article about Japan (in English)


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翻訳(語学)・ライティング・ネーミング >> 執筆・ライティング >> ウェブサイトコンテンツ

仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 3,000円~10,000円未満
掲載日 2015-05-05 06:52:26 掲載期限 2015-05-10

Objective :
We are launching a new website from August which will introduce about Japanese culture/trend/news etc to English users... and we are looking for writers who would like to help us on writing English articles.
*Since this is a test project, we will accept 1 article per single writer this time.

Requirement :
- Writer who are fluent/native in English
- Writer who have visited/lived in Japan in the past.

Theme of the article :
Choose your own theme but it needs to be in 5 selection format, like "5 xxxxxxxxxx in Japan".
Example1) 5 most spicy food in Japan you should try.
Example2) 5 interesting cars you will only see in Japan.
Example3) 5 cultural difference I experienced when I studied at Japanese University.
Example4) 5 Japanese words you should not use when dating.

Structure of the article :
- Introduction
- Description for each selection
- Conclusion

Number of words :
700+ words in English.

Budget :
1000-1500 JPY per article.

Sample site:
The structure of the article will be very similar to Listverse. Differences are...
- Theme needs to be about Japan.
- 5 selection rather than 10.

Working process :
- Send us your quote/theme/English level and how long you lived/stayed in Japan.
- Once we approve, then you start writing the article.
- Send us the article in doc/docx format for review.
- Proceed to payment after you pass the review.

Result format :
.doc or .docx


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