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Survey : What do you want to do/try the most if/when you travel to Japan.


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仕事タイプ コンペ方式 契約金額(採用者): 100円
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掲載日 2015-04-30 08:44:48 掲載期限 2015-05-03

We are going to launch a new website that will provide information about Japanese culture to foreign users.

The result of this survey will be edited by our staff and will go live on that site as a part of the main contents of the site.

[About the survey]
Question :
"What do you want to do/try the most if/when you travel to Japan?"
=> Let us know what you want to do the most if you visit Japan.
e.g. ) eat best edomae sushi, climb Mt.Fuji, stay at someone's house using AirBnB ...

- Some of your answers could go live on the site without any modification, so please make sure not to include any information that could help to specify your private information.
- Author's copyright will shift to us from you once you submit the form.
- Make sure not to copy&paste any contents on web. We cannot pay for that response.

[Survey Form]
Go to following form and fill in required forms. Your workshift userid needs to be accurate to process payment without any issue.



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