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Let's examine the characteristics of a successful freelancer.
Please observe the image below.

1) How to Improve your profile to win more jobs: Fill your profile with information

According to our data 88% of our job winning freelancers have a full and complete profile page. For practical purposes, a full and complete profile page on our website serves as a kind of identity verification sign. Clients use this information when determining whether to hire or not hire a freelancer. Therefore, writing a full profile page is highly recommended.

A fully completed PROFILE means writing a self introduction in your "professional profile" text box, selecting your skills from the SKILL menu, and writing or uploading your CV and academic history. Completing these is how to appeal to the client regarding your professional experience, personality, skills, and academic achievement.
Some freelancers only reveal their profile information when applying for a job but by not permanently displaying your profile information you may be losing opportunities from clients who are searching for freelancers with certain skills and experience.

2) How to Improve your profile to win more jobs: Upload a photo of yourself

Again, based on our historical data 78% of freelancers who won a job had an uploaded photograph of themselves. A photo lifts your credibility with the client and provides a positive image that they can associate with you. Try to show your best smile for this photo!

3) How to Improve your profile to win more jobs: Build a track record

Our historical data shows that 73% of freelancers who won jobs on Workshift had previously won and completed at least one job.

Just as having a photo will raise your credibility with clients, having a track record of satisfactorily completing a job is an important factor that helps build credibility with clients. Workshift provides an easy way to check freelancers' track record and clients have the opportunity to evaluate the freelancer's work after each job is completed. If the freelancer's evaluations are high he or she will have greater negotiating power with the client. If you are a newly registered freelancer we encourage you apply for jobs and build up your track record.