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What is "Competition-type" and "Project-type"??

On Workshift there is:
•"Competition-type", and
When posting a job request these are the two job types.

"Competition-type" is, as the name implies, a contest which begins immediately by freelancers creating a design such as a logo according to the client's instructions then submitting the design when applying for the job.

For a "Project-type" job first study the job description the submit a proposal price and delivery time. The client will consider your proposal and previous evaluations and track record to place the order with you or not. If you are hired then you begin to work.

What types of jobs would be "Competition-type" jobs?

Typical "competition-type" jobs are logo design, business card design, banner design, catch phrase, writing, landing page design, English translationetc. It is applicable to final products that are easy to understand.

Freelancers should upload their design at the time they apply for the job. The client then selects his favorite design from the list of designs. The freelancer who created the winning design is then paid.

What types of jobs would be "Project-type" jobs?

Any type of job can be a "project-type" job but is most suitable for website creation, system development, and writing related jobs.

It is frequently used for payment per hour jobs, jobs where specifications are unclear, where volume is unknown, and for small jobs. The trend is for fixed payment that is stated in the job description.