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Professional Experience

I actually was an interior designer, I graduated from the faculty of art and design at a college in Bandung.
I love art, history, culture, sports and music.
I love the spirit of the Japanese people and how they really appreciate the time and hard work someone. The positive thing for me. nihon no koto ga daisuki desu. I hope to go there .
I 've worked at a consulting firm in the field of services and construction company supervisor, an architecture, and interior. I also worked for one company that in collaboration with the ministry of natural gas in Indonesia as an assistant team leader stationed in West Papua, Indonesia, in Papua my duty to socialize with people there to inform government programs.
now, I am working in a company engaged in the delivery of goods and trade services of telecommunications equipment
from my work experience, I can adjust to any job, as long as I am given the confidence and the opportunity to learn about something new, I can do it .