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For Foreign Freelance

- Table of Contents -

1. What is Crowdsourcing?
2. Why Workshift?
3. How to Register?
4. Type of Jobs
5. Job Categories
6. How Much Does Workshift Charge?
7. How Often Will I Get Paid?
8. FAQ
1. What is Crowdsourcing?

Work effectively and efficiently

“Crowdsourcing” is a coined word that is made up of the word “crowd”, as in a large group of people, and “source (sourcing)”, which refers to outsourcing. This new business model allows you to outsource tasks to an unspecified large number of people with expert knowledge in their field.

The Workshift service allows you to smoothly carry out job-matching, task management, and even remuneration payments, all associated with crowdsourcing. We handle a wide variety of tasks that can be outsourced, and each task is executed by an expert in the relevant field.

Our service also allows you to engage in and finalize business with companies abroad. In addition, we also have a system in which your task is handled by a multi-member team.

2. Why Workshift?

Team approach, Many jobs from Japan,
More than 100 categories

Team Global Variation
Find members who have skills that you do not have and form a team. Handle your project as a multi-member team. Show the world how great you are. Find a wide selection of jobs from Japanese companies. With more than 100 categories to choose from, you can find projects that match your skill set.

3. How to Register?

6 Steps to Complete Registration

【Step 1】 Select Registration and enter your email address.

【Step 2】 Receive a confirmation email from Workshift.

【Step 3】 Click on the link in the confirmation email and complete the registration form.

【Step 4】 Log in to your account and enter your profile, skills, bank account, etc.

【Step 5】 Click   then search for jobs that match your skills.

【Step 6】 Apply for the jobs you like, then let’s begin!

4. Type of Jobs

There are two basic types: “Competition” & “Project”.

Client and Freelancer must use the Workshift system to complete tasks and jobs. Workshift receives the total amount of compensation first (this is the escrow service), then the compensation will be paid to Freelancer after deducting Workshift’s charge. Without completion of job by Freelancer, there is no payment.

★ Competition-Style Job

Competition type is suitable for Logos, Naming, Design, etc.

Freelancer has to submit their design or proposal when applying for the job. At least one proposal selected amongst many and payment will be made to your account if no further changes is required.

★ Project-Style Job

You apply for a job that matches your skill set and experience. Once client selects you, you start the job.

Freelancer has to promote skills and work experience when applying for the job. Client will select the most suitable freelancer and freelancer will start the project. Freelancer has to give client periodic progress report. Upon approval of final product by client, payment will be made to freelancer account.

5. Job Categories

Workshift has more than 100 Categories.

★ Application and Programming

★ Design and Multimedia

★ Business Service, Sales and Marketing

★ Translation, Writing and Naming

6. How Much Does Workshift Charge?

It is free to sign up and apply for jobs.

• If the client’s posted job is up to ¥50,000: 20%
• If the client’s posted job is over ¥50,00: 10%
• If the client’s posted job is over ¥50,000: 5%*
*If you have more than 1,000 points in your Workshift account.

Enter a value in the box below to calculate how much a freelancer receives after deducting system fee.

7. How Often Will I get Paid?

Workshift will pay out to your bank account at the end of every month.

Once you have completed your jobs you will have credit in your Workshift account. By the 15th of each month you can send remittance instructions to pay to your registered bank account, or you can choose the automatic pay out system.

★ To Your Registered Bank Account
   【Step 1】 Minimum balance should be ¥5,000
   【Step 2】 Send an instruction by 15th of each month
   【Step 3】 Workshift will pay out to your registered bank account at the end every month
   【Step 4】 Bank fee is charged to you (¥1,000 plus inter (correspondent) bank fee, and commission for the receiving bank).

For more details about bank fees (in Japanese), please refer to the links below.
Bank Fee

8. FAQ