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Shooting 1-3 min video in Thai BKK for Mobility issues (Local residents or tourist only) 【FIXED FEE: 6000 Yen with three short videos】



1. 対象国


2. 本人確認が必要か否か


3. カテゴリ

YouTube制作 映像制作・編集 その他動画・ビデオ・アニメーション 動画、ビデオ撮影 ビデオ・動画制作


---Japanese follows----
[What we want you to do]
Please make a short and easy-to-understand video regarding the inconvenient, stressful or troublesome situations that you encounter while "transporting" in the city of Bangkok's living infrastructure. Your role is to become like a local reporter. The video can be reported by you or made in the form of an interview with someone else. Video editing skills are not required. We would also like to capture the thoughts of older generations who are not proficient in English.

  Examples of recordings:
Motorcycle on sidewalk

There are many inconvenient, stressful, and troublesome scenes when traveling even in modern big cities. We will work to understand the real problems that ICT companies in Japan face, and look for things that we can solve, and actually take actions on such problems.

[Compensation and the number of videos to be submitted]
We will pay 6,000 Japanese yen per person by submitting three videos.
* If you submit a high quality video, we might ask you to submit more videos (e.g. 10,000 Yen by submitting 5 videos or 20,000 Yen by 10 videos) . Also, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Japanese company representative and be provided with additional contract opportunities.

[Video requirements]
Please record three videos that meet the following requirements (The video content is decided from the prior survey).

1: Please record three inconvenient, stressful, troublesome, etc. scenes that are problems that need to be solved while 'transporting' in Bangkok with your smartphone, etc.

While recording the videos, please include "when (commuting, working, heading to school, going to the hospital, going shopping, sightseeing, going out with family and friends, etc.)" and "how (taxi, public transportation, private car, walking, etc.)" so we can understand the situation.
2: Please explain what kind of inconveniences there are with your voice or with subtitles in the video.

3: Please explain your idea of why this problem is occurring with your voice or with a subtitle.

4: If you have an ideal solution to the problem, please also explain it in the video.
5: Please send shooting location with Google map URL. It doesn’t have to be exact location.
- Language: English (Please contact us if you are interested in recording in Japanese. We cannot accept recordings in Thai language since Japanese companies cannot understand the language).
- Each video should be about 1 to 3 minutes long.
- Hold your phone horizontally if you are using a smartphone to record your video.
- If you are recording a video regarding the inconveniences related to using mobile applications such as Uber, you probably need two smartphones. In such cases, please borrow a smartphone from your friend, etc. and record the actual application screen as well.
- For a few seconds at the beginning of the movie, please start by including "I am in (the location) right now. What I am about to show you is (explanation of the scene that you are about to record) ...". (Rest assured that we would not disclose parts that may lead to your personal identification such as locations.)

[How to transfer videos]
- You will use" Dropbox" or "Google drive". Install the App and sign in with your Google account.
- Upload the video and edit the file name as appropriate
File name should be: "Your nick name_title of video"
 ※ Examples of file name:"Ploy_ Taxis is hard to catch during rush hours.mp4 "
- Confirm the files are in mp4 format
- Go to “Share a link” and select “Copy link” to copy the link. Paste the URL in the contact from and send it to us.

※ In case your videos are mov format, you can easily change the file format by using Youtube.
(Reference) How to upload YouTube videos: (Android)
(iPhone) (how to save videos in mp4 format)

*We may also ask for your Facebook account later
*After we review the video, we may post your video to our YouTube or Facebook account (only in private mode) so please apply only if you agree to these terms.

※We wouldn’t be able to be flexible about the fee <6000 Yen with three videos>.

Motorcycle on sidewalk





2: どのような不便さがあるのかを、動画中に音声または字幕でご説明ください。
3: どうしてこの問題が起こっているのかあなたの考えを音声または字幕でご説明ください。
4: もし理想的な解決策があれば、あわせて説明ください。
5: Google mapで、大体の撮影場所を示したリンクを送ってください。


 ※ ファイル名の付け方:ニックネーム_動画内容を説明するタイトル(英語)
   "Ploy_ Taxis is hard to catch during rush hours.mp4 "

参考: (Android) (iPhone) (mp4形式でのダウンロード方法)




Working in consulting firm in Japan. As a project work I would like to understand mobiilty issue/problem visually. Budget for research is from project and would like to use everything with good quality.


  • プロジェクト予算 (税込)

    クライアント希望金額 3,000円~10,000円未満
  • 報酬に関する詳細

    ■ Budget <FIXED>
    About 6,000 Yen (including all fees) * If you submit a high quality video, we might ask you to submit more videos (e.g. 10,000 Yen by submitting 5 videos or 20,000 Yen by 10 videos) .





日付 2018-07-27


WorkShift_Crowd Sourcing Insruction_バンコク動画の提供について_Bangkok Mobility Video _日英版20180710.pdf file_downloaddownload


mp4形式 ※詳細は添付ファイルをご覧ください


---Japanese follows----
[Application period]
June to July 25, 2018
※ We will stop accepting applications when we reach a certain number of applicants, so please contact us as soon as you are interested.

[How to apply and prior survey]
First of all, please reply by contact form (massage board) with the following questions. After that, upon deciding the scene to be shot, send your video by July 27th to us. Please take advantage of your leisure time and cooperate with us.

① What are the top 3 scenes that you feel most inconvenient, stressful, and troublesome while transporting in your daily life? (Please include one scene inside buildings, and two outside buildings)
* Excluded scenes: narrow and bumpy sidewalks, street vendors protruding into the sidewalk, interfering trees

② Can you record three short videos that are 1 to 3 minutes long and explain those scenes? (If it is difficult to reproduce the scene, record similar scenes and add explanations.)

③ Do you live in Bangkok?

④ Which country are you from?

⑤ What is your age (the age range is OK) and occupation?

 ※ Examples of ①:
- Taxis are hard to catch during rush hours with GrabTaxi
- The escalators in shopping malls are not installed in convenient places
- There is a long wait time during busy hours when using the elevators in the building
- The road situations are bad once you leave the urban area
- It is hard to understand and capture the destination indication of buses
- Urban congestion is bad
- Traffic rules are not followed, etc.

※We wouldn’t be able to be flexible about the fee <6000 Yen with three videos>.



① 普段、移動する際に、あなたが最も不便、ストレス、手間がかかると感じるシーンのベスト3は何でしょう?(建物の中を1つ、建物の外を2つ含めてください。)

② 1分~3分の短い動画を3本撮影し、それらのシーンをご説明いただくことは可能ですか?(再現性が難しい場合は、類似したシーンを撮影し説明を加えてください。 )

③ バンコクにお住まいですか?

④ 出身国はどちらですか?

⑤ ご年齢(年代でOK)とご職業は?

     交通ルールが守られない      等々



■ Prohibition
・Copying or rewriting of any existing content or article already submitted

■ 禁止事項


※We wouldn’t be able to be flexible about the fee <6000 Yen with three videos>.
※If you have friends/ families who can shoot the videos, you can send this application details to them and submit their videos instead of him/her.


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