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【Argentinian Only】Write a report by observing automobile related websites and answering questions


ステータス: 業務終了


ビジネス・営業・マーケティング >> 営業・マーケティング >> 調査・分析
ビジネス・営業・マーケティング >> ビジネスサポート・アンケート >> アンケート・リサーチ

仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 10,000円~50,000円未満
掲載日 2018-03-13 22:29:30 掲載期限 2018-04-03
オプション : 注目オプション 急募オプション

■Job Details
Observe the open the following links, observe the websites and write a report by answering the questions.

For those who prefer English see this link​.

For those who prefer ​Spanish see this link​.

There are 14 questions in the questionnaire.
Example: Look at this page and tell us if this page makes you want to buy the Hybrid car. What information do you think should be added? Try to convey what precise information is needed regarding: price, car type, design performance, Fuel performance (gasoline cost) ,Merits of buying the car.

Delivery should include a roughly 5 page report with answers to the 14 questions.

■Objectives of the job
・The goal is to collect information regarding the impressions of the websites on the viewer and what content is needed to improve them.
・The original goal of the website was to promote the sale of Hybrid cars and increase the number of inquiries to the car dealers.
・We are updating​ and improving our website for consumers and corporate customers considering the purchase of a new car.
・Improving our website should lead to more visitors to our local dealers and more inquiries.
・We would like to find out how to improve our website in order to attract more prospective customers to our local dealerships.
・We want to understand what information would lead Argentine people to desire a Hybrid car.

¥30,000 for answering about 5 pages. (including system user fee, negotiable)

■Number of people to hire
2 people

■Conditions for hiring
Must be knowledgeable about car sales.
Must be someone who frequently looks at website.
Someone who can write a report in English.

■Type of file to deliver
Please deliver in the WORD file.
We will send it to an adopter by Workshift message system.

■Prohibited actions:
Leakage of the writers information to a third party
Using content that has already been presented
Forwarding existing content
You may be asked to provide ID verification


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