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Microsoft Lecture [40 Min Audio file] [English to Japanese translation required]


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翻訳(語学)・ライティング・ネーミング >> 翻訳・語学 >> 日本語 ⇔ 英語

仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 3,000円~10,000円未満
掲載日 2015-01-01 02:31:12 掲載期限 2015-01-22

We have a project to translate Microsoft lecture about software programming from English to Japanese. These Microsoft lectures teach the audience about latest technologies in software programming.

There is 1 SRT file attached. These can be opened in Notepad software. In this SRT file, you can see English subtitles of video lectures with time codes. You need to replace the English text with Japanese text in these SRT files. The time codes and formatting of files should not be changed. Each time coded subtitle can have maximum 2 lines and each line can have maximum 42 Japanese characters including spaces and punctuation.

You can view the videos of these SRT subtitle files for context from following links:
Keynote - Sscott Hanselman http://video.ch9.ms/ch9/01dd/d3cf9bb3-18b7-45e6-a13f-3802c70401dd/VSConnectScottHanselman.mp4

This 1 SRT File should be finished by 2nd Jan 11 PM Japan time. This file is 40 min of Audio. I can pay JPY 6000 for this project. Let me know asap if you can do this project?

Please attach your CV with your offers and proposals.


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