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[English to Japanese Translation][ Business Coaching Lectures]


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翻訳(語学)・ライティング・ネーミング >> 翻訳・語学 >> 日本語 ⇔ 英語

仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 10,000円~50,000円未満
掲載日 2014-12-29 06:09:37 掲載期限 2015-01-08

We have a project about Business Coaching Lectures which needs to be translated from English to Japanese. These are Audio lectures, which have been transcribed into dialogue subtitles with time codes. You have to translate these time coded subtitles while maintaining the character length limit of each dialogue (subtitle) so that it can be fitted and embedded with video later on.
There will be 5 batches to translate totally. Total payment will be USD 110 for 5 Batches. We will show actual files to selected candidates. Contact us with your CV if you are available to start immediately.

You only have to do simple translation of dialogues as text. You dont have to do any transcription or time coding, that is already done.

These are short batches and talk about topics such as "How to close sales", "How to live an inspired life" etc.


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