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Need web marketer especially Influential bloggers


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仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 3,000円~10,000円未満
掲載日 2015-08-26 23:51:11 掲載期限 2015-09-05

We are Digital Studio Co., Ltd in Tokyo Japan, Online shopping cart provider specialize in cross border e-commerce .

We are pleased to announce that Discovery Japan Affiliate Program has launched as a backend new service for existed clients.

All our clients and new companies which are related to travel industry(hotel ,tour etc), will join this affiliate program. So we'd like to recruit new affiliate members at least 5,000 until end of this December as soon as possible.

In order to succeed this project, We need web marketer especially Influential bloggers.

If you are( or know) power blogger , please introduce our affiliate program on your blog or website We pay blog promotion fee per article depend on blog content.


if you can suggest web marketing about this project (how to increase number of affiliate member) , please suggest your plan and budget for us.


Regarding this task, You can earn 100 Yen per new user signup at the same time too.

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe a revenue-sharing plan where an online automated marketing program lets Webmasters place an advertiser's banner ads or buttons on their own Web site. Webmasters will receive a referral fee or commission from conversions when a customer has clicked the affiliate link and performs the desired action, such as make a purchase or opt-in for downloads or newsletters on the advertiser's site. Advertisers invest in affiliate programs for lead generation, and, of course, sales.


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