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Crowdsourcing Workshift > Find work > 【Only for alvarezgrafica】Route drawing of 8maps

Job name

【Only for alvarezgrafica】Route drawing of 8maps

Area Limitation
Project Budget JPY
10,000 yen to 50,000 yen
Job type
Open End


1. Area


2. Need Identity Verification


3. Skills



I will send the materials by e-mail

■ Request Details
Contents to be requested are marking sightseeing points and main stations on the route map of Fukuoka.
Represent the tourist point and main station with an illustration of the material, express and present the map of the attached material (P.3) by illustration.
· Attach documentation materials.
· Material
We will prepare material about illustration parts and letters of the production range, roads and routes, landmarks created by Google Maps etc. For example, only lines painted with red color are created as tracks.

Introduction by Client and Background of Job

Our company is from Japan to overseas · It is a company that sells Wi-Fi and SIM of visitors to the country and develops WEB media.
I'd like to create a traffic route map of sightseeing spots to be posted on WEB media, and I will hold a competition for designers and creators.

About Fee

  • Project Budget (tax included)

    Client Desired Fee 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen
  • Details of remuneration

    -Creation and layout of 8 maps (with graphics provided). (16000 Yen)

Posting Ends


Desired Delivery Date

Date to deliver 2018-09-10


Delivery Format

■Delivery Form
Delivery format should be designated illustrator and PDF,PNG.

Criteria for Hiring

It is work request of only alvarezgrafica


■ Points of interest· Prohibited items
・Created by illustrator No)
※ Infringe other company's intellectual property rights, such as diversion of designs and trademarks registered elsewhere
※ diversion of contents already proposed to other clients etc.


I will send the materials by e-mail

Client information

Identification: Verified
Publication Date 2018-09-01 23:32:42
Applications Proposal number: 1  
Proposal Date: 2018-09-02 00:03:00