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German Speaking guide in Japan



1. 対象国


2. 本人確認が必要か否か


3. カテゴリ



These are your responsibilities:

Being responsible for our organized Japaventura tours in different parts of Japan
Be the first personal contact for our customers for any problems during the trip
Convey our clients your enthusiasm for this fascinating country
Ensure the safety of travellers and a smooth running of our tours
Provide clear and understandable information about the places visited
Ensure the realization of the program booked by our travellers
Being interested in protecting our environment
Just have a good time and share it with people from German-speaking countries!
What do we offer:

Profound training in the target areas and our philosophy
Opportunity to participate in further education for Tour Conductors within the company
Competitive salary for each tour
An interesting bonus system based on the client's' feedbacks
Additional earnings for taking over extra mini jobs during the tour

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Possible dates for 2019:

13 MAR - 28 MAR
9 APR - 24 APR
5 MAY - 20 MAY
21 MAY - 5 JUN
21 AUG - 5 SEP
7 SEP - 22 SEP
25 SEP - 10 OCT
12 OCT - 27 OCT
29 OCT - 13 NOV
16 NOV - 1 DEZ


Japaventura is the latest emerging brand in the Ventura TRAVEL family, offering authentic, innovative and sustainable travel experiences in Japan. We want our customers to enjoy the beauty of the country while living unique and unforgettable adventures. Including the main highlights of the country, our tours go one step further in discovering the diverse culture, scenery, and people of Japan. Choosing local providers, respecting cultures, people and nature we offer innovative, high-quality tours for fair prices. Our aim is to unite responsible tourism and authentic travel experiences in the countries our clients visit. We at Japaventura enjoy working in a growing company where everybody shares and lives our vision and personally contributes to our success in better environmental practices.


  • プロジェクト予算 (税込)

    クライアント希望金額 100,000円~200,000円未満
  • 報酬に関する詳細

    Depends on the length of the trip







We will have a first Skype interview for a pre-check if this job is suitable for you.


Who we’re looking for:

You are currently living in the country where you want to apply and fulfil all legal requirements to work
You have advanced knowledge of German
Very good knowledge of Japanese is a must to support the organization of our tours. English is also required for the coordination with the head office, which is in Berlin, Germany
You have a good knowledge of history, daily life, traditions and actual currents in Japan
You are engaged, reliable and really well organized
You are characterized by openness, cheerfulness, willingness to help and a positive charisma
Values are a key point for you
Our clients are more than just customers to you, you treat them like friends and make sure their trip with us will be the best experience they can have
You keep calm even when it gets stressful and can help out with flexible solutions on your own
You don’t only know Japan, but love it and are passionate about it




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