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【Los Angeles US Only】Connect to 30 free WiFi stations


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仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 10,000円~50,000円未満
掲載日 2018-03-12 17:08:11 掲載期限 2018-03-26

■The Client
We are a company that makes WiFi connecting apps.

■Summary of job
Go to a location in Los Angeles, US where free WiFi is available and connect to it.

■Requested Items

1. Inform us of your smartphone OS (either iOS or Android)
Based on your answer we will send you our application for you to download on your smartphone.

2. First complete the initial set-up. We will send to the hired person the English manual for free WiFi connection. When our application is connected to the free WiFi apparatus in Los Angeles, it will send to us the data that is needed for connecting the WiFi.

3. Inform us the ID number when you install our application.
There is no need to provide a screen capture page to prove each connection when making free connections in the city.
As the manual will explain, we will know the proof of your WiFi connection.
If you are an Android smartphone user, we will send our company's testing app to you.
If you are an iOS smartphone user you will need to send us your email address.
We will input the email address you have provided into the tool of apple, you will then receive an email from apple.

4. Go to 30 free WiFi locations in Los Angeles, US where there are many tourists and locals connect to the WiFi spots. The airport is a must.

It is effective that you research and check popular cost-free and password-free WiFi spots among both tourists and locals beforehand.

We have a manual for this.

The locations we imagine
-You should go to are: 10~15 locations at the international airport, airport, stations, bus terminals, shops, restaurants, etc.
-You should go to in the city are: 15~20 locations, such as franchise restaurants and franchise beverage shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores, etc.
Hotels are not a target location.

Average time per location to make the WiFi connection is 5~10 seconds.

Free WiFi locations that require passwords are not target locations.

One of the conditions is that the free WiFi not require passwords.

Once you make a connection at one Starbucks shop or other chain shop business there is no need to go to another shop of the same chain. One shop from a chain store business is enough. We will not count more than one shop from the same chain store business.

Stand alone stores or restaurants with a single owner are not target locations.

We want you to seek chain stores and restaurant chains that are well known in your country.

18,000 Japanese Yen for connecting with a maximum of 30 locations of Free WiFi with no password requirements.
The calculation is 600 Japanese Yen/ WiFi spot.
We will not count more 30 locations.

■The number of the adopters
We will hire one person. If a person can't connect 30 locations, then we will hire an additional person.

Research Manual_180308_b.pdf



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