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Crowdsourcing Workshift > Find work > 【Vietnam】 Collecting questionnaires from 50 Vietnamese people / ベトナム人50人からアンケート収集

Job name

【Vietnam】 Collecting questionnaires from 50 Vietnamese people / ベトナム人50人からアンケート収集

Area Limitation
Country unspecified
Project Budget JPY
3,000 yen to 10,000 yen
Job type
Open End


1. Area

Country unspecified

2. Need Identity Verification


3. Skills

Other Business Supports and Questionnaire


** Japanese description below

Your job is to collect questionnaires from 50 Vietnamese people.
- The Website Questionnaire (About 34 questions: 10 minutes to input) has already been prepared in Vietnamese.
- We request you to call for entries, spread the word and guide the respondents to answer the questionnaires. (We will send you the link once we agree upon each other)
- Your outcome will be the number of people who completed the questionnaire. Summary or report of the results are not required.

【Eligible espondent】
- Anyone who has the nationality of Vietnam regardless of where they live now.
- Regardless of gender / age.

2 respondents will be selected to win anything equivalent to VND2,000,000 from LADAZA (incl. tax and shipment). ※The selection process, communication with the winner and shipment will be taken care by us.

【Deadline / format】
- Respondents must complete the questionnaire within four (4) days after we sent the link. Your outcome will be the total number of people who completed the questionnaire after 4 days. You are not required to create a summary or a report.

JPY 100 × number of the people who completed the questionnaire.
Minimum 30 ppl. = JPY 3,000
Maximum 50 ppl. = JPY 5,000
Which means:
15 ppl = No pay
30 ppl = JPY 3,000
44 ppl = JPY 4,400
50 ppl = JPY 5,000
63 ppl = JPY 5,000

【Required condition/skill for the freelancer】
- Ability to communicate in Japanese or English.
- High response rate.
- Fulfilling profile in Workshift.
We will send the URL of the website questionnaire once we agree upon each other.

- Manipulating answers.
- Multiple answers from the same respondent. (Entry from the same IP address will not be counted)
- We prohibit any information/subject leakage to the third party.

- アンケート入力サイトはベトナム語にてこちらで用意してあります。
- 回答者を募集、拡散、依頼していただき、お渡しするアンケート入力サイトへの誘導をお願いいたします。
- アンケートに入力した人数が成果となります。結果集計サマリー、レポート等は必要ありません。

- ベトナム国籍を有する人(国内外在住を問わず)
- 性別、年齢は問いません。


- アンケートリンクをお送りしてから4日後が締切となります。4日後の時点での入力者数が成果となります。

100円 × 最後まで入力した人の人数
15 人 = 支払なし
30人 = 3,000円
44人 = 4,400円
50 人 = 5,000円
63 人 = 5,000円

- 日本語か英語でコミュニケーションが取れる方
- こちらとのコミュニケーションに遅延なくレスポンスいただける方
- ワークシフト内のプロフィールが受実している方


Introduction by Client and Background of Job

About Fee

  • Project Budget (tax included)

    Client Desired Fee 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen
  • Details of remuneration

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Desired Delivery Date

Delivery date unspecified


Delivery Format

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Client information

Identification: Not Verified
Publication Date 2017-11-14 18:17:02
Applications Proposal number: 1  
Proposal Date: 2017-11-13 13:18:30