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Looking for local distributor of rebar processing machines in Hong Kong


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仕事タイプ プロジェクト方式 プロジェクト予算 10,000円~50,000円未満
掲載日 2017-08-10 18:19:26 掲載期限 2017-08-24

<introduction of us / backgrounds>
We are TOYO Kensetsu Kohki Co.,Ltd., a leading manufacturer of rebar processing machine in Japan.
Our domestic market share is over 80% and we are expanding overseas sales channels.

Now we are looking for first distributor in Hong Kong, where we believe that there are demands of our machines.
Our machines are to cut and bend rebar which is essential not only for reinforced concrete structure but also civil engineering works and precast concrete industries.
Our manual machines are mainly used on construction site and automatic machines are used in rebar fabrication factory. Some (Sub-)contractor, steel distributor or other businesses do cut and bend rebar in the factory and transport it to a construction site to build up.

<request details>
What we would like to ask is to list local distributor companies in Hong Kong.
We would like to find a reliable local distributor who will cooperate with us in sales activity and after sales services.
Followings are preferable:
- companies who import from overseas and sell following items:
rebar cutter/bender, small construction equipment, electric generator, transformer, air compressor, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, etc.
- companies who have a business with contractor, precast concrete product manufacturer, steel (rebar) manufacturer, steel (rebar) distributor, etc.
- hopefully have a contact person who can speak English.

Please fill in the given Excel format up to ten lines.
We pay 1,000 JPY for each line of company information. If we make appoints from the list, additional 1,000 JPY is payed per company/appointment.
For example, if you name 8 companies and if we can make appointment with 6 companies then, we will arrange to pay 14,000 JPY.

Based on your information, we are going to make appointments with them and planning to visit Hong Kong in September to see them.


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