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Please Write Blog Articles in English About Workshift


ステータス: 業務終了


翻訳(語学)・ライティング・ネーミング >> 執筆・ライティング >> ブログ執筆

仕事タイプ コンペ方式 契約金額(採用者): 500円
参加報奨枠採用件数: 30 参加報奨金額(採用者以外): 500円
掲載日 2014-03-17 14:33:14 掲載期限 2014-04-07

Please write your impressions about using Workshift on your blog in English. We're glad if you mention about a feature of Workshift, which are “Team” and “Global”.
Please submit URL of blog on which you had written about Workshift.
We will pay 500 Japanese Yen to total 31 people. Only one time per person.

■Number of Words
 More than【100】words in English

Post your article on blog media in English. Following are conditions;
- There is no content that contrary to public policy, such as adult articles in the same blog media.
- Do not edit or delete. Please keep the article on your blog even after we have paid.
- It should have a link to Workshift.(https://workshift-sol.com/)
- Only one time per person

If your blog media does not meet our conditions, we may consider your blog as a non-approved blog. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Please deliver URL of blog media.

- Steal what has already proposed
- Simply use translation tool and/or software
- Leak to third parties


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