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This is a project in which 6 people living abroad serve as "Tochigi Ambassadors" for one year to promote the attractions of Tochigi Prefecture.


This is a project in which 6 people living in the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam will serve as Tochigi Prefecture's official "Tochigi Ambassadors" for one year to promote the attractions of Tochigi Prefecture.
Six Ambassadors
"Tochigi Ambassadors" from around the world report on the charms of Tochigi Prefecture!
Introducing the 6 Tochigi ambassadors selected from Workshift.
Ambassadors in United States
Yuno Imai is a best-selling children’s book author, Japanese writer, bilingual copywriter and linguist based in Los Angeles. She is originally from Hamamatsu, Japan and came to the United States alone at 17, speaking very little English. She has over 12 years of experience as a translator, has worked extensively with global companies and celebrity clients, and has appeared on national TV. Yuno is passionate about entertaining people through her writing and also bridging Japan and other countries, especially America, where she calls her second home.
Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture in Japan is my hometown, and I currently live in Los Angeles. (I'm also a board member of the L.A. Tochigi Kenjinkai). I work as a policy analyst and market research consultant in the United States. Recently, I have professionally and voluntarily made efforts and contributions to local promotion under the motto, "Support My Hometown, Tochigi from Abroad" In January 2020, I was in charge of hosting the Tochigi Prefecture's agricultural commodities promotion in the L.A. (rice, strawberries, and wagyu beef). As a Tochigi Ambassador, I'm pleased to promote the Strawberry Kingdom Tochigi as well as to boost attractiveness including the World Heritage sites, traditional crafts and cuisines, and others from various perspectives.
Ambassadors in Thailand
Ambassadors in Vietnam