Hello, I am LissaSakura from Indonesia. Among my skills are computer skills such as WordPerfect for Windows, Excel, and, PowerPoint. Driving Skills, I am a licensed driver (motorcycle). Languages spoken are English, Japanese and Indonesian. I have work experience as a sales manager in telemarketing to approach restaurants to be tenants. I have also been a marketing executive responsible for approaching new clients to create website and Google Adwords. I also worked at Loewix, an online marketing business.

Hello everyone! I’m “Jyoppi”. Originally from England, I have been living in Japan for over 5 years. I am a graduate of the Nagoya Foreign Language University, Sogang University in Korea, and Program of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford University as an honour student. Professionally I have worked with UK and Korean product purchasing, tourism, restaurant introduction and stage performance ticket reservations and distribution as well as Japanese/English translation, interpretation and transcription of minutes from meetings. In Korea I worked for over 1 year in B2B marketing and market research. I am currently a co-owner and COO of Project Dream, a venture game company with supervision of localisation, project management and HR and PR functions. Looking for translation, date entry and research jobs.

Hello, I'm "Genpacific" from Australia. Currently I am working in the field of international business in Australia. I have been employed in this capacity for the past five years including a 3 year assignment in Bangkok where I managed a team of finance, HR and protocol staff. In that capacity I was responsible for drafting professional reports and correspondence for the organisation. Prior to this I worked in corporate event production in the UAE/UK/France, Project Management and Export Management in UAE/Middle East and Security/Technical Operations in the Middle East. I have a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Japanese from Australia as well as a CPA and a postgraduate diploma in business. I am a keen rugby, golf and judo player, triathlete and a keen traveller.

Hi everyone! I'm "PeggyKay" from Malaysia. I'm Currently working as a graphic designer at Mongoose Publishing, Malaysia. I'm In charge of the design magazine layout templates for Time Out Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia guide. The software that I use includes: Adobe Indesign,Illustrator and Photoshop.

Hello everyone, I am "Blythe", a Japanese who has been living in Germany for 10 years. I've professionally worked in Marketing, Sales, Administration, Customer Service and Logistic area over 10 years. For my spare time, I work as a translator, interpreter and fair attendant. I speak Japanese, English, German and Spanish fluently. Please contact me any kind of works that I'll be helpful.

Hello, I'm "Arisa93" from Malaysia. I possess a diploma in Fashion Design from Tunku Abdul Rahman college. With 2 years experience as a Visual Merchandiser (Topshop and Marks & Spencer). Presently I am freelancing in Social Media marketing as an influencer, writer/ content contributor for www.arisachow.com & www.leisuretravel.com.my

Greetings, I'm "lethiminhloan" from Vietnam. I am a professional marketing research freelance with 3 years experience in marketing research and go-to-market consulting. Provides actionable consumer insight and quality online/offline fieldwork in the Vietnam market. Bring together top market research expertise and knowledge of the local Vietnam market in order to supply you with the quality information, careful data validation and strictly on time.